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Dating Advice, the Dating Don’ts – Things To Avoid When Dating

  • Talk about yourself all night – this will eventually provoke yawns – boredom that is, not lack of air or tiredness.
  • Be late. Punctuality is a virtue – especially when you are the one kept waiting.
  • Talk about your ex(s) or how many dates you have met; are about to meet; hope to meet – never, never, never! This is boring, insulting to your date and will kill the conversation stone dead. You may as well walk away – YOU HAVE BLOWN IT!
  • Eat with your mouth open. Ugh! Disgusting. Your date has already seen your choice of menu in a far more appealing and presentable state.
  • Try to be something you are not. I know this has already been covered but it really is important – your date will see through you.
  • Show disrespect for your partner or their beliefs. You wouldn’t like it – don’t do it to others.
  • Forget to thank them for the date. Basic good manners but surprisingly, many who are otherwise articulate and educated seem to overlook this under worked but essential little phrase.
  • Propose marriage or kids. This comes under the heading of verbal diarrhoea and will guarantee your date will finish a mile in record time – away from you that is!
  • If you are a smoker, check first that your date does not mind if you smoke and be polite – do not blow smoke in their face.
  • Don’t ask too many personal questions – this will come across as an interrogation and will make your date feel as though they are at a job interview.
  • Don’t accept a lift to or from your chosen venue. We can’t stress this enough – basic safety again and do not give out your e-mail, home address, telephone number or work address until you are confident about your date.
  • Flash your cash and splash out on a fancy dinner. This will make your date feel uneasy – out to impress but with nothing to back it up. Go easy and work up to this gradually.
  • Don’t take your children along to the date – common sense???
  • Don’t rush the date. I know we have advised keeping the first date to about an hour but there is no need to use a stop watch. If the meeting is going well – then keep going.
  • If you need to leave, work up to it gently and politely – don’t just suddenly make an excuse about a pre-arranged business meeting or a previous arrangement with a friend. This will make your date feel that they have been ‘slotted in’ at the last minute and that meeting them is not important.
  • Never use mobile phones during a date – switch them off! It really is rude to take calls on your mobile whilst with a date – again – how would you feel?
  • Don’t ever just get up and leave your date- this reflects badly on you and makes them feel that they probably had a lucky escape. Gentlemen, always offer to escort the lady back to her car; train, bus or chosen mode of transport.
  • Don’t wear white socks unless your date is for a game of tennis, badminton or a run to keep fit. Your appearance, grooming and choice of outfit is the image your date will take away with them.

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