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Dating & Introduction Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose Select Personal Introductions?
A. Select Personal Introductions has never changed ownership or been part of a franchise nor does it have a diluted membership due to being spread too thinly across the United Kingdom, and it is not an online dating service. Established since 1997, the company has stood the test of time and concentrates on attracting single articulate people of the professions and introducing them to like-minded, compatible partners. Select has more professional members than any other agency in the Northwest and surrounding areas. For your peace of mind Select is regulated through membership of the Association of British Introduction Agencies.

Q. Can online services offer the same level of dating advice and support as Select?
A. Your happiness is paramount to us and we understand that personal contact with our professional dating experts is vital, and so our dating consultants are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and to offer support and advice during membership – we are just a phone call away. The majority of online sites and dating apps are ill-equipped and unable to offer such high levels of personal commitment and support

Q. What about dating agency safety?
A. At this dating agency for professionals, a great deal of emphasis is placed on safety for everyone and identification of each applicant is checked to verify that they are who they say they are and live where they say they live.

Q. Are my details treated with confidence?
A. Confidential and discreet at all times – Select is registered with Data Protection and regulated through membership of the Association of British Introduction Agencies. We maintain member information in a genuinely confidential manner.

Q. What makes Select Personal Introductions so different to online singles sites?
A. The Office of Fair Trading said the increased potential to meet new people online is being exploited by scammers to con people out of their money. Fraudsters generally target online singles columns and dating websites. The online profiles they create are fictitious and are usually accompanied with fake photographs. Members of Select Personal Introductions acknowledge that all information supplied is true and accurate and in no way misleading. This is monitored by our professional team of dating experts. Our singles membership base is expertly policed and any information found to be false would lead to immediate termination of membership.

Q. Is Select Personal Introductions a local or a National company?
A. Some dating agencies cover the whole of the United Kingdom and as such are faced with the difficulty of a diluted membership. The majority of its singles membership base will be located in the South of England. This means that you will have to be prepared to do a lot more travelling at the end of a days work to meet your Mr or Mrs Right! Select Personal Introductions covers the entire Northwest and surrounding areas and has more professional single people on its books than any other traditional dating agency in the area. As such we can provide our single members looking for love with local introductions.
Q. Is Select part of a franchise?
A. No, we recently heard of a lady who paid £800 to a franchised dating company only to find that 3 months later the business failed and ceased trading! The problem is franchise fees. These fees can really affect net earnings. A franchisee still has to pay for its regular business operation expenses as well as the ongoing franchise fees so it’s easy to see that the dating agency will not be making as much money as originally believed – it is actually very risky: They also struggle to build a secure singles database quickly and as such, approximately 70 – 80% of these businesses fail within the first 2 – 5 years.
Q. Does Select Personal Introductions belong to any regulatory body?
A. Yes, we are proud to say that we have been established since 1997 and have been regulated through membership of the Association of British Introduction Agencies since year 2000! In fact our consultative services are managed by Mr Alex Mellor-Brook – an A.B.I.A. Elected Council Member since 2001!
Q. What can Select Personal Introductions do for me?
A. Many personal introduction agencies simply offer access to a database of potential partners from all walks of life and from all over the country. They simply generate a list of names from a computer that satisfies your chosen criteria. It does not mean that you actually satisfy theirs, making contact with other single people a non-starter!

Q. Will I be video’d?
A. No, we do not use computers, videos or any dating gimmicks during the matchmaking process. As a professional introductions agency, it is important that we learn as much about you as possible. To help us achieve this, we prefer every new Select member to meet with one of our highly experienced dating consultants at our offices.  Of course, we understand that this is not always feasible, especially as we are catering for busy professionals, which is why we offer Skype interviews as well. It is a great opportunity for us to answer your questions and for you to learn more about how our professional introductions service works. Our consultant will expertly identify your key relationship needs, i.e. values, expectations and communication styles to help to introduce you to members with complementary personalities. As the Northwest’s largest professional introductions agency this personal attention is an important first step in our service to you.

Q. Are people who join only looking for marriage?
A. People join us for many reasons, all of them very personal. Mainly however, they fall into three groups – those looking for marriage, those looking for a long term relationship and those looking for close friendships. Whatever your reason for joining us, you can be sure that we will introduce you to people with whom we believe you are compatible.

Q. I’m attracting the wrong kind of people – can you help?
A. We can help. It isn’t always easy to attract the right type of person but seemingly, all too easy to attract those who aren’t. At Select Personal Introductions our experienced and professional dating consultants introduce you by using standard compatibility markers. We take many factors into account including the results of our personality questionnaire, thereby effectively, positively and exclusively searching for those members who would be right for you.

Q. I’m too busy to meet someone – can Select Personal Introductions help me?
A. Professional single people are working longer hours making it almost impossible to find love without professional help. Everybody seems to be in the busy ‘career trap’ leaving very little time for a fulfilling personal life. Unlike other introduction agencies, our dedicated consultants do all the hard work for you. We carry out partner searches and personally select matches that fulfil specified criteria.

Q. I’m looking for a relationship, but pubs, clubs and singles bars are not my scene.
A. These venues are O.K. for a casual date but not usually conducive to meeting new people with a view to a lasting relationship. So, if you are single but would prefer to be in a relationship Select Personal Introductions is here to help. As one of the UK’s largest introduction agencies, we have helped thousands of single people take control of their futures by bringing well-matched people together in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment. The quality and reputation of our service is a direct reflection of the quality of our singles membership base. We offer a first class operation using highly trained staff and sophisticated methods but our success lies in attracting high quality single people of the professions as members. The one thing all our members have in common is that they are all single and all genuinely looking for a long-term relationship.
Q. I’m new to the area, how do I meet my perfect match?
A. Meeting new people can be daunting especially if you are not familiar with the area either and it is difficult to know where to go to find like-minded people. You know that they are out there, but where? At Select Personal Introductions our extensive marketing strategies mean that we recruit new members all the time making it easier to meet your perfect match.
Q. I’ve just ended a long term relationship, but still want someone special in my life
A. This can be a time of ‘limbo’ and low confidence but, if you want to put the past behind you and start anew, we can help you to do just that. We are waiting for your call and are ready to offer you the opportunity to make new friends, get back into the ‘social whirl’ and, when you are ready, to find that special someone – your ‘ideal partner’.
Q. I’m over 50, am I too old to join Select Personal Introductions?
A. You are never too old! Our mature members have a relaxed, carefree and positive outlook to membership and enjoy it for all it’s worth. Quite simply – they couldn’t care less what people think and this seems to be the key. They are forward looking and open about how they are going to spend the rest of their lives and feel that Select Personal Introductions offer the most professional and caring service with a more local membership. Because we specialise in the Northwest and surrounding areas, members do not have to travel the length and breadth of the country to meet introductions.
Q. I have been on my own a long time, is a dating agency right for me?
A. Taking that first step is never easy but with expert help and guidance from our professional matchmaking team you could easily be sharing life experiences with someone special, the possibilities are endless with the right dating agency! So if you are single, unattached and looking for love, Select Personal Introductions can work for you.
Q. Does Select Personal Introductions provide a speed dating service?
A. No, speed dating can be fun, fast, but short-lived and matching often happens a few days after the event – most organisations match people at random without taking into account all the important factors that make for a long term relationship.

Q. How does Select Personal Introductions introduce people?
A. We understand that our members are busy, professional people, and so Select Personal Introductions service is dedicated to making the search for your ideal partner as simple as possible. Our consultants work closely with you to build a clear and accurate portfolio detailing your interests, life priorities and future goals and all introductions can be discussed with you personally. It is an all important part of our professional introduction service.

Q. I have a young children, is that a problem?
A. No, absolutely not. Select Personal Introductions membership covers a wide range of people including many single parents. Our large and ever growing membership gives you the opportunity to start dating again and to find someone to suit you and your family.

Q. I’m very particular about who I meet, how can Select Personal Introductions help?
A. We are all looking for different things in people and in our relationships. What each individual is particular about forms the basis of our personally tailored membership. Our detailed portfolios, recent photographs and up to date membership information helps to identify the right introductions.

Q. There are lots of dating sites & dating apps, why should I join Select Personal Introductions?
A. Most dating sites & dating apps work using algorithms where members can logon to the platform and view photographs and details of other members. It’s also a fact that most users of these sites often trawl through the photographs first, with much older members choosing the younger profiles. It would seem that no real thought is ever given to real relationship needs and most men move from one profile to another very quickly! Statistics show that very few relationships develop from this method of dating. 

Q. Did you know?
A. The majority of popular online dating sites and computerised services link in with one main database of single people. So it does not matter which site you sign up to, you will still be getting the same choice of people – from all over the country and from all walks of life, whether you pay £500 or £50. So, if you consider yourself more intelligent, articulate and attractive and if you are looking to meet people of the professions, joining an independent agency such as Select Personal Introductions could be your key to success.

Q. Did you know?
A. That if you join a dating site or computer service and enter your personal details onto the main database then you leave yourself wide open to being seen and scrutinised by other visitors and members of the site. Your personal details and photograph could be viewed, recognised, printed and even distributed by work colleagues and business associates, friends – past and present, ex’s and relatives from previous relationships, extended family, school children, neighbours, social peers and perhaps the odd enemy, causing great embarrassment in the future. So if you are working directly with the public, in a high profile position or going through a relationship breakdown being on public display may not be for you.Some sites even claim to keep their members true identity secret so what happens if you contact someone that you know, or worse still, someone who works for you – they might realise, decide not to pursue it, but never tell you… they might tell ten other people though!

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