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Here at Select Personal Introductions we pride ourselves on our dating success stories!
It is quite simply an honour to have played even a small part in helping our wonderful clients find their perfect partner.
Nothing says more about our service than the personal experiences our clients have to offer.

Here are a few testimonials we’d like to share with you.

Dating Agencies were a dating format I didn’t know much about but after joining Select it has shown me how beneficial it is when compared to online dating.

I’ve been on several dates with a lovely man and to be honest as soon as I met him there was instantly a ‘spark’. 

Our matchmaker, Maxine, did an amazing job as we are really suited to each other and I’m excited to see where the relationship goes from here.

Amani, 26 – Lawyer,  Manchester 


Select changed my dating life for the better, and made everything easy and hassle-free for me. 

They matched me with Jonathan who I was hesitant to go on a date with at first, as I was a bit worried about making conversation and I’m normally not the best with flirting, but after Alex gave me some tips on how to successfully flirt I felt much more settled and confident. 

Evidently, Jonathan turned out to be ‘the one’ and we have been together for 8 months now.

Teresa, 30 – Sales Associate, Liverpool

Wedding couple

I loved my time with Select Personal Introductions.

My partner and I have been together for almost 3 years now and are extremely happy. 

We just have to thank our matchmaker, Maxine, for such an easy, friendly experience. She was so professional and took the hard work out of finding the right person.

Mark, 37 – Neurosurgeon, Didsbury


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I’m so happy that I used Select to find love. When I first joined they set me up with a few people but sadly there was no real spark even though we had a lot in common so I decided to pause my membership which I was so thrilled was an option. 

After 2 months I decided to restart my membership and they matched me with Paul who ticked all the boxes and gave me butterflies from the first moment I met him. This was 6 years ago and I’m so happy to see such a wonderful company still thriving. Paul is now my husband and we’ve started our own happy family. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Emma, 34 – Financial Advisor, Knutsford

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Without Select Personal Introductions I don’t think I would have ever met anybody. I signed up after my five year relationship ended thinking that I may as well give it a go after trying numerous dating apps and even other dating agencies and it happened to be the only thing that worked. They matched me with a beautiful woman who I had a lot in common with which made conversation incredibly easy. The team at Select are so friendly and guided me through the ins and outs of dating. They made the journey stress-free for me taking care of the difficult issues making it so simplistic. I have continued to date Jennifer for about 6 months now and we’re both very happy and thankful towards everyone at Select.

Tony, 40 – Hotel Manager, Blackpool

Leeds dating

For me, I had completely lost hope in dating and after trying many different outlets I decided to try Select Personal Introductions just as one last shot. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made. My matchmaker, Jessica, was approachable, professional, reliable and friendly. I was successfully matched with a gentleman who was really well suited to my personality. 

Daniel and I have been together for over 1 year now all thanks to Select.

Chloe, 26 – Psychiatrist, Alderley Edge

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Having recently gone through a divorce it was very daunting starting to date again, luckily Select’s friendly and knowledgeable matchmaking team made me feel comfortable and confident about going back into the dating world.  Every time I speak with Linda she is always very approachable, offering great advice about what to do in certain scenarios.  As I’m fairly new to the agency I’m still getting used to everything. I’ve already been on a few dates and although they haven’t gone any further Select are definitely on the right track so I’m sure with their help I will find my future partner.

Richard, 53 – Web Developer, Preston

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Being a single parent in the dating scene is extremely hard to navigate because you don’t just have to find somebody suited to you, you have to find someone who is great with your kids. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t have much faith in dating agencies until I came across Select Personal Introductions. They take every fine detail into consideration when finding you a match. Luckily for me it only took about 2 months to find someone who I had a connection with and who is also like a second father to my daughters now. I can’t thank Select Personal Introductions enough!

Anna, 37 – Fashion Designer, Chorley

Susan BW

Select Personal Introductions restored my faith in the dating scene for the older generation. They helped me to get back into dating after not having a date since the passing of my husband 8 years ago. The matchmaking team were really kind and approachable which made this process so much easier. After 5 months of matchmaking, I was matched with Derek who was the same age as me and we are so well suited. It was a revelation meeting someone who I had such a strong bond with on the first date. I couldn’t be happier.

Susan, 68 – Retired, Lytham St Annes


Using Select was the best decision I ever made.  The team introduced me to my future wife. We are so compatible and even though I messed up the first date I managed to change her opinion of me . It has now been 9 years since meeting and we are expecting our third child and I just have to thank Select for a match made in heaven.

Christopher, 36 – General Practitioner, Leeds

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After trying so many different dating agencies this is honestly the best for dating in the North West. 

They are so caring and very attentive to each client. They made it simple for me to meet new people managing to fit my dating life around my hectic business life which even I, myself, struggled to do.

Katherine, 48 – Artistic Director, Stockport

friendly woman

If you want a personable and attentive matchmaker I would really recommend Alex. He takes the time out to get to know you on a personal level. He gets to understand his client’s lifestyle, schedule, values, morals and most importantly, what they’re looking for in a future relationship. Using this information he carefully selects someone who is very well suited to what you are looking for. He was the matchmaker who matched my husband and I, and I still remember it to this day. I cannot thank him and Select Personal Introductions enough for making my journey great fun since I hadn’t been on a date in a very long time.

Stacy, 33 – Personal Assistant, Bramhall

couple on beach sm

One of the Select matchmaking team, Jessica, engaged in a very detailed interview to get a feel for who I was looking for and although I was a little unsure at first, reading other success stories and the dating safety information reassured me, knowing this company was to be highly trusted. 

I’ve been matched with some fantastic guys, coming close to a relationship a couple of times. Keep up with the great matches!

Sophia, 52 – Administrations Officer, Wigan

Matchmaker photo Depositphotos small size

When joining Select, I was so happy with my matchmakers. I also spoke with Alex who was very friendly and always had really great dating advice. 

He walked me through the whole process, giving invaluable dating tips which I wouldn’t have a clue about otherwise. It felt like he was immersed into the relationship as much as I was, which made the whole experience feel very personable.

Alison, 41 – Data Specialist, Halifax


Being recently divorced made me think that my dating days were over and I would never find another person who I felt as strongly about as my previous partner but Select Personal Introductions completely changed my perspective. 

They showed me that anyone has a chance at being successful in dating, no matter what the conditions are. They also showed me how to date properly and be successful with it. Without them I wouldn’t have found out what modern dating is like, or feel as confident about dating as I do today.

John, 51 – Astrophysicist, Chester

couple on plane

Honestly the best dating agency. 

My wife and I were matched together and I could not be happier. Select did a wonderful job as we are so alike. 

We are now celebrating our 2nd year anniversary and thanks to Select I have found my soulmate.

Andrew, 28 – Head Chef, Manchester

couple kissing

Working with my matchmaker, Linda, has been such a delight. She has made dating seem stress-free and much easier than using dating apps. 

Her advice and lengths she will go to for a client is beyond amazing. She has made this experience so seamlessly enjoyable, I have already recommended Select to my friends.

Adanna, 26 – Teacher, St Helens

holiday shot

My time with Select Personal Introductions has been so eye-opening.

They’ve been so welcoming and extremely accommodating. They manage to fit the matching process around my busy schedule which has really helped me to tackle both my love life and a full-time job as well. Incredible service!

Anthony, 41 – Psychologist, Northwich

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