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Alex Mellor-Brook is the Managing Director of Select Personal Introductions, a Certified International Matchmaker, Science Based Relationship Coach & Columnist. His expertise has been featured on: The Cheshire Housewives, At Home with the Nolan’s, ITV Granada Reports, and the BBC. He’s also featured in numerous publications, podcasts, media & radio, including talkRADIO. Alex is an authoritative voice and spokesperson for the Association of British Introductions Agencies – the Industry Watchdog for the dating agency and matchmaking sector, helping protect consumers – having been an Elected Council Member since 2001, currently serving as Vice Chair.

Head Office: Select Personal Introductions, Spinningfields, Manchester | City offices in: Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Mayfair, London.

For press enquiries, please email directly at [email protected], or give Alex a call on 0161 872 3900

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The Pros and Cons of getting married Young. Alex Mellor-Brook is a dating & relationship expert and co-founder Select Personal Introductions. He explains that there may be benefits in committing to a life partner early.

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LOVE RULES I’m a dating & relationship expert and all marriages should have these rules – it could save you from divorce

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What is a manchild? How to spot one and what to do if you’re dating one, according to relationship experts

Grazia Will Smith open marriage

Will Smith has spoken about issues he and wife Jada had been experiencing prior to their decision to embrace non-monogamy. Relationship expert, Alex Mellor-Brook shares his views.

BBC 5 lIve

Naga Munchetty BBC 5 Live :The topic of ‘Unsolicited Messages’ gained serious traction with their listeners, sparking a lively conversation!

Talk TV logo

David Bull and Alex Mellor-Brook talk about the 10 years of Tinder . Discussing the effects it has had on dating sites and how it has influenced the way people date today.

BBC Radio Lancashire

BBC Radio Lancashire - Navigating today's world of dating with dating expert Alex Mellor-Brook

BBC Radio Manchester logo

Is Valentine's Day too commercialised? What pressures are we facing in the dating world today? Just a couple of the topics talked about on the Mars Show, BBC Radio Manchester.

The Real housewives of Cheshire

Select Personal Introductions Co-founder, Matchmaker and Dating Expert, Alex Mellor-Brook, is invited onto The Real Housewives of Cheshire to help with flirting skills.

Granada reports

Elaine Wilcox, Granada Reports presenter, interviews Alex Mellor-Brook Dating Expert and Matchmaker from Select Personal Introductions about dating during lockdown.

BBC radio Leeds

BBC Leeds Radio, talking about 'How Smoking Affects People's Dating Choices' with Alex Mellor-Brook, Dating Expert & Matchmaker from Select Personal Introductions.


Matchmaker and Dating expert Alex Mellor-Brook from Select Personal Introductions is invited onto ‘At Home With The Nolans’ to help Linda and Coleen Nolan with some dating advice.

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A mother has been criticized online for sending her son to live with his grandparents after a family argument.

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Zombied: what is meaning of dating trend being discussed on TikTok? Is it linked to ghosting?

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LOVE LIE I’m a scam expert – here are the 7 online romance red flags you need to know to avoid a Tinder Swindler

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How to be a good friend when you get into a new relationship – and what to do if you’ve been ditched

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Reason Dad Changed Mind on Funding Daughter's Education Cheered

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Parasocial relationships: meaning of term, plus expert views on if connections with superfans are harmful

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5 Signs you’re in the Right Relationship - Nobody wants to waste their time - so how do we know if we’re investing in the right relationship?

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Love language: what is it, what are the five different types and what kind of love language do you have?

The Independent - Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer: Should I consider dating an old friend? Taking a friendship to a relationship is a big step.

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What is love? Relationship experts share how to know if you’re in love with your partner - it’s in the numbers

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Our dating decisions can be heavily influenced by the seasons and Christmas plays a big part. So, how do you spot if someone you’re dating isn’t quite on the same page as you?

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The Colour of Love…Can You Ace a Date with Tints? Alex Mellor-Brook Dating Expert at Select Personal Introductions discusses colour psychology in dating

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Valentine’s Day 2023: top tips from relationship experts on how to cope with being single on romantic holiday

The Stylist (2)

‘Phantom relationships’: the lockdown loves that burned bright, then went out. What happened to all those fleeting lockdown relationships?

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22 questions you should ask before agreeing to go on a Tinder, Bumble, Match, Hinge or Plenty of Fish date

Closer magazine Britney Spears

Can Britney Spears ever REALLY be free? As Jamie Spears releases his daughter Britney from her ‘abusive’ conservatorship, experts warn it may be a long road to recovery.

Huffington Post

When to stay friends with an Ex (and when not to) Still have feelings for them? That friendship will never work, says love experts


Karina Taylor, personal stylist at Select Personal Introductions, says "Ignoring a dress code is a statement of non-conformity by someone who feels that rules are made to be broken,"

The Independent - Negging

As if ‘ghosting’, ‘love-bombing’ and ‘breadcrumbing’ weren’t enough, you’ve also got to be wise to ‘negging’ – the latest manipulative technique to seemingly be in play on Love Island


Select Personal Introductions Relationship and Dating Expert, Alex Mellor-Brook, talks about how we can optimise our dating game, the problem with dating apps and the science behind attraction.

tyla cheating (1)

Love Island: Why Relationships Are Never The Same After Cheating. Tyla spoke to Alex Mellor-Brook, at Select Personal Introductions, about whether cheating is the be-all and end-all


ROCKY RELATIONS - Seven issues which could be destroying your relationship… and why being a ‘bubble couple’ spells doom.


Need a relationship reboot? Here’s how to revive the romance .

Daily Star Sharon and Hugo (1)

Love Island's Sharon suddenly has an interest in Hugo: dating expert, Alex Mellor-Brook, has spoken exclusively to Daily Star to muse over whether Sharon's affections are genuine.

Tyla Sex Education

People pleasing is defined as the emotional need to please others, often at the expense of your own happiness. Relationship expert Alex Mellor-Brook talks exclusively to Tyla Magazine

Hancock tender kiss

Entertainment Daily talks to Alex Mellor-Brook, Co-founder and Relationship Expert at Select Personal Introductions - Does tender kiss prove Matt Hancock and aide, Gina Coladangelo, are intimate?

RTE- Negging (1)

Women's Aid "increasingly concerned" by behaviour on Love Island. Thanks to the rise of dating apps and swiping right, there’s now a whole glossary of toxic dating terms that singles must know.

New York Latest 1

Be honest with each other, “Is it one-sided, or are you both invested? People who invest their time in each other through friendship build the strongest relationships."

Hancock ex wife

As Matt Hancock “leaves his wife” Martha after 15 years of marriage, relationship experts have warned of a “massive red flag” for former aide Gina Coladangelo.

The tab relationships

Alex Mellor-Brook, Dating Expert at Select Personal Introductions told The Tab which couple he thinks are legit and the potential problems which could occur within the pairings, including life lessons for couples.

Tab - Romantic gesutures (2)

Love Island: Big Romantic Gestures Are Actually Problematic, Warns Relationship Expert. Do grand gestures simply act as an 'easy fix' for a broken relationship?

Hancock kiss

Matt Hancock was caught on CCTV kissing a senior aide, just what is the allure of politicians and men in power? Alex Mellor-Brook, co-founder at Select Personal Introductions talks exclusively with Entertainment Daily.

Manacunian Matters (1)

Mancunian Matters spoke to Alex Mellor-Brook, Matchmaker and Dating Expert from Manchester based Select Personal Introductions - eight dating tips to try, and where we might be going wrong.

The Sun Snap Chat

Body language expert reveals which Islanders are playing a game

daily brit

For those who’ve been chatting to their prospective partners throughout the lockdowns, the first face-to-face date is going to be daunting, so knowing the do's and don'ts is going to be key for success.

Salford City Radio

Matchmaker and Dating Expert, Alex Mellor-Brook, from Select Personal Introductions talks about the differences between Online and Offline Dating Services.

female first (1)

Select Personal Introductions – is celebrating a prodigious 20 years of successfully bringing love and long-standing relationships to single professionals across the North West & West Yorkshire region.

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Women are drawn to confidence. Most of the time, women are attracted to self-confident men and sometimes they can even be narcissistic.

love by life (3)

Love By Life: How to go from friendship to relationship and what you need to consider to make it a successful transition.

Hancock unfaithful partner (3)

After the revelation that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had been having an affair with a government aide, his wife, Martha, found herself in the media spotlight.

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