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Why Conflict Is A Source For Good In Relationships

When you spend a lot of time with someone, it’s absolutely inevitable that you won’t always see eye to eye and arguments are bound to happen occasionally. It’s all about the bounce back and you may well find that you feel a lot closer to each other after a fight than you did before it.

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How To Maintain Individuality In A Relationship

Being in love really is an incredible feeling and there’s really nothing quite like it, but it should come with a warning sign or two, perhaps, because true love can make you do all sorts of weird and wonderful things… like forgetting who you are as a person, what you stand for, what you value and what you want from your life.

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4 Amazing Relationship Goals To Strive For

The internet is an incredible resource and one, no doubt, that we’re all grateful to have – but, when it comes to dating and relationships, it can lead us to have unrealistic expectations of what to expect, as well as potentially leading us to focus on the wrong things, forgetting what’s actually really important where matters of the heart are concerned.

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Pink Flags? What Are They?

We all know what red flags are in a relationship and we’ve blogged about the different green flags to really keep an eye out for before… but what about pink flags? What are those and how can paying attention to them help you find the next big love of your life?

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How To Keep The Spark Alive

if you are feeling as though the spark has gone somewhat between you and your other half, the first question you need to ask yourself is: Is this something I want to continue pursuing? Do I want my relationship to work? If the answer is yes (and we hope that it is!), there are lots of steps you can take as a couple that can bring the magic back and make you both fall in love all over again.

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How To Dip Your Toe Back In The Water

We’ve come up with some swimming aids for you in the form of some top tips from the Select Personal team to help you dip your toes in. If you know your freestyle is a little rusty these days, perhaps these ideas will help you feel more confident while you traverse the waterways. Enjoy!

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