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The Importance Of Self-Care In Relationships

We are all used to the concept of self-care, but what about when you are in a relationship? In the first few exciting months as you draw close to another person, it can all be about ‘we’ and ‘us’, but it is actually healthy to step back and focus on yourself too. Here is a little insight into the importance of self-care in relationships.

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5 Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

The pandemic has taught us that maintaining a long-distance relationship can be made so much easier with modern technology, However, technology can’t make up for everything, and the lack of physical proximity can sometimes make long-distance relationships as emotionally tough as ever. Select Personal Introductions has a look at ways to help make your long-distance relationship work.

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What To Wear On A First Date

So you’ve taken the plunge and arranged a date with someone you are genuinely interested and excited to meet. Here are some tips to help you feel happy and confident in your outfit, so you can get on with enjoying your date without worrying too much about what you are wearing.

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How To Calm Those First Date Nerves

As exciting as dating can be, it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing, even if you’re the most confident person on earth. To help you prepare for your next big date, here are a few hints and tips from the team here at Select Personal Introductions. If you have any of your own to add, get in touch to let us know!

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How To Be Happy By Yourself

Being single can be an absolute blessing and it’s an amazing chance for you to really discover yourself and spend time with yourself, not by yourself… which is an important distinction to make. Here are just a few ideas that could help you love being single, seeing it as a source of joy, rather than a curse.

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Should I End My Relationship?

There is a lot of focus on how to form healthy, positive relationships. However sometimes, even with all the best will in the world, a relationship just isn’t working out. This is never an easy thing to admit, but in the long term, it can be best to move on. Here we take a look at some of the more common signs that it’s time to break up with a partner and try a dating service.

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