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Victorian Matrimonial Ads: Where Dating Apps All Began!

Apps are by far the most common way for people to meet these days, but therein lies the problem: it makes love disposable. Easy come, easy go. While you might well think that dating apps are a modern invention, their origins can actually be traced all the way back to Victorian times, when negotiated marriages arranged by parents started to fall seriously out of favour.

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Dating Slang Uncovered: Terms You Need To Know!

The dating world is a very unique one, with its own language and etiquette but fear not, the team here at Select Personal Introductions are here to help! We thought we’d compile a comprehensive guide of all the dating terms you need to know about in your quest for love. Have we missed any out? Drop us a line to let us know!

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Do You Know What Your Love Language Is?

There are actually five different love languages in total, a concept first developed by author and marriage counsellor Dr Gary Chapman. The love doctor, if you will! But what are these love languages and where do you fit in? Here’s the lowdown on love, as explained by Dr Gary. Which one of these do you think you are? There’s a quiz you can take to find out, of course!

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Dating With Anxiety: How To Cope

If you’re an anxious person, the thought of putting yourself out there and making yourself vulnerable in the name of love can make it particularly hard. To help you dip your toe in the dating waters, here are a couple of our top tips for dealing with anxiety while on the quest for love. Before you know it, you’ll be a dating pro!

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How To Tell You’re Falling In Love

The signs of love can often be incredibly subtle and this can mean that you give up on something too soon… there is such a thing as a slow burner, remember!
To help you work out if what you’re feeling is love or if you’re just in like (everyone’s worst nightmare!), here are some of the more common signs that you’re about to go head over heels. How many of these can you check off right now?

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