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How To Keep The Spark Alive

if you are feeling as though the spark has gone somewhat between you and your other half, the first question you need to ask yourself is: Is this something I want to continue pursuing? Do I want my relationship to work? If the answer is yes (and we hope that it is!), there are lots of steps you can take as a couple that can bring the magic back and make you both fall in love all over again.

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How To Dip Your Toe Back In The Water

We’ve come up with some swimming aids for you in the form of some top tips from the Select Personal team to help you dip your toes in. If you know your freestyle is a little rusty these days, perhaps these ideas will help you feel more confident while you traverse the waterways. Enjoy!

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Finding Love In Ribble Valley!

We’re blessed with some absolutely beautiful countryside and some stunning parts of the world here in the UK, just ripe for exploration… and absolutely perfect for going on interesting and adventurous dates with someone special. Here are just a few of our very favourite days out that could well help you find lasting love this year. Which of these will you do first?

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8 Springtime Dating Ideas!

For those on the hunt for love, this is a wonderful time of year and there are all sorts of exciting date ideas to consider that will make the most of the return of better weather.

Spring is all about new beginnings, after all, so what better time than right now to try and find the next big love of your life? Here are some of our favourite spring-inspired dates to keep you all entertained.

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What Is Groundhogging? All You Need To Know!

Sound the alert! There’s another new dating trend that’s just popped up that you might want to familiarise yourself with if you are active on the dating scene, looking for love this year.
In a dating context, the term ‘groundhogging’ refers to coming up with the idea of an ideal type when it comes to finding a partner and then pursuing that and only that, with the end result often being somewhat unsatisfactory.

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7 Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas

Ah, February 14th! The one day of the year that is loved and hated in equal measure, welcomed with open arms by happy couples everywhere but equally maligned by those who don’t have that special someone in their life with whom to share it. Of course, we don’t believe that you should show each other how much you care on one day and one day alone but it’s still quite lovely to do something extra-special on February 14th – so here are some alternative ideas that could help you decide what to do this year.

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