Lockdown Valentine

Lockdown Valentine

Who knew that we’d still be doing this a year after Coronavirus first hit? Well, none of us, which is good, because COVID fatigue is a real thing and we’re all experiencing a little of it right now. That’s what makes lockdown Valentine’s day such a perfect opportunity to reinvigorate ourselves and restore our sense of optimism.

2021 New year

Love In The New Year

How to get what you want romantically in 2021 – 2020 is a year we’re going to be happy to say goodbye to! But is 2021 the year you will find the relationship you’ve dreamed of? The Select Personal Introductions team has put together a master guide to help you find love in the New Year.

Is it love or friendship

Is It Love Or Friendship?

Is It Love Or Friendship?  If you’ve started dating and you’re not sure if a certain someone is ‘the one’ or just somebody who’s going to become a really great chum, we can help. In this article we’re going to look at the deep, complex issues of love and/or friendship but also offer you some …

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