Working to achieve a successful relationship

Working to achieve a successful relationship A fantastic, loving, nurturing relationship with someone special is a truly life-enhancing thing. At its best it makes you feel bullet-proof against whatever life throws at you, knowing that someone who has your best interests at heart is there backing you up, being your cheerleader. Not to mention it …

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I love a coffee tête à tête

Okay, so I was having a sneaky coffee break away from work. It was a bright, sunny day and I just felt this great urge to get out there and socialise with a few coffee mates. I can justify it… honest. Hence, this blog.

Whilst sat there with my frothy friend and a very desirable chocolate twist; I took a quick look at the people milling around (being nosy really), although I much prefer to call it “people watching.” 

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Love & New Year’s resolutions

With New Year’s resolutions still fresh on the minds of many Brits, one that often tops the list is LOVE – or at the very least securing a few POSITIVE DATES.

Couple kissing on New Year

In the world of dating, the New Year marks the dating industry’s high-season, with a sudden spike in membership numbers.

Over 60% of singles say their resolution is related to love. During the holiday season, people tend to reflect on the past year and are inclined to re-evaluate their love strategies so as to avoid re-living relationship mistakes and disappointing meaningless dates. Select Personal Introductions (an offline exclusive agency for professionals), increases its marketing over this period making it the number one hot spot for new members.

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