Working to achieve a successful relationship

Working to achieve a successful relationship A fantastic, loving, nurturing relationship with someone special is a truly life-enhancing thing. At its best it makes you feel bullet-proof against whatever life throws at you, knowing that someone who has your best interests at heart is there backing you up, being your cheerleader. Not to mention it …

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Compromise in relationships

Compromise in relationships Perfection isn’t an option,  so how do you compromise in relationships? If your relationship has just transitioned from the dating phase, some of the personal habits you used to overlook may have started to grate on your nerves. Rather than question whether it’s time to throw in the towel because after they’ve …

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All-Important First Date

Confident but Not Too Confident: Tips for the All-Important First Date

You probably don’t have to be told that a first date is critical. Not to contribute to the pressure, but all evening your companion will be sizing you up, weighing whether or not you’re right for an exclusive relationship. To make the most of this unnerving situation, keep the following advice in mind. If you do, you should utterly succeed.

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I love a coffee tête à tête

Okay, so I was having a sneaky coffee break away from work. It was a bright, sunny day and I just felt this great urge to get out there and socialise with a few coffee mates. I can justify it… honest. Hence, this blog.

Whilst sat there with my frothy friend and a very desirable chocolate twist; I took a quick look at the people milling around (being nosy really), although I much prefer to call it “people watching.” 

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