First Date Post Lockdown

Preparing for your first date – post lockdown

Given that the most stressful life events are said to be: the death of a partner, divorce, and marital separation, it’s amazing how fraught with anxiety a first date can be! Oddly enough, meeting a potential life partner for the first time doesn’t even figure on the famous Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, but at Select Personal Introductions, we know just how panic-inducing a first date can be.

And we don’t take it lightly. Given our commitment to finding the right person for each of our clients, we understand the complex emotions that accompany a first date: there’s apprehension, stage fright, excitement, anticipation, self-doubt, and hopefulness – it’s quite a cocktail!

Get date ready

There are really practical steps anybody can take to reduce first date fear. First, take care of the practicalities: what to wear, where to go, and who’s going to pay. And the way to handle this is, in itself, confidence-boosting.

  1. Sit down with a real cocktail (or a mocktail if you prefer) and write out the perfect first date on paper. Use the headings: perfect meeting place, ideal activity, best outfit, excellent conversational topics, and … all importantly – the bill.
  2. Now, put yourself in the position of your potential date and write out the same list, but from their point of view. Which meeting place is most likely to put them at ease? What activities are going to help you get to know them? What clothing will look good and feel good for those activities? Which subjects will get you chatting easily and allow your date to do the same. How would he or she most likely handle the matter of paying for your date?
  3. Compare your two lists – anything that appears on both is an absolute must, and if there’s a lot of divergence in any area, this is the time to step back and consider what will bridge the gap between your personal ideal and the perfect date from your potential partner’s perspective.

This exercise gives us all a chance to restructure our lives more positively. As we move from lockdown to rebuilding our social lives, this is the right time to ensure we’re meeting our own needs, fulfilling our own dreams, and enjoying life to the full.

Post lockdown dating

Honestly, none of us know what the world is going to look like for the next few months, but the pandemic has given everybody a chance to look at what’s really important to them, which is why finding love is more crucial than ever. Isolation has starved many of us of affection, so it’s wonderful to be introducing couples who are about to step out on their first date night together, and we know that many of them will form long-lasting relationships. It’s an exciting prospect. After such a long time spent two metres from anybody, close proximity will seem strange at first. As you prepare to get first date ready, it’s useful to think about what’s turned out to be important to you in the past few weeks – is it browsing a street market, long walks in the country, the joy of live performance, fine dining? Building one of these valuable experiences into your first date gives you a chance to share something you love with your potential partner – and you could invite them to share one of their most missed experiences with you on your second date … because we’re sure there will be one!

At Select Personal Introductions, we help to match professional people who are seeking real relationships. So, if you’re looking for love in Manchester, the Northwest or Leeds, why not give our experienced and friendly team a call on 0161 872 3900 for an informal and no-obligation chat.

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