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Regulating the industry since 1981

Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA)

Select Personal Introductions, Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool – Northwest & Leeds Dating Service (members of the ABIA since 2000) 

The Association of British Introduction Agencies was founded in 1981 at the instigation of the Office of Fair Trading in response to genuine concern about the conduct of dating and introduction agencies and since then has been a force for quality and fairness in the UK dating industry. 

Since 1981, the shape of dating has changed and the Internet has brought more choice, but with such huge choice also comes the challenge  of maintaining quality and fairness in the face of the sometimes ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ philosophy of some hopeful entrepreneurs. Whilst it would be quite wrong to infer that all non-member agencies are questionable, it is a sad fact that many are. It is not so much through lack of integrity but through a lack of resources and commercial acumen. The industry is plagued by the growth of short lived agencies whose founders expect rich returns from poorly researched and funded businesses, with many lasting no longer than a few months or even short weeks.

Select Personal Introductions, members of the Association of British Introduction Agencies since 2000, provide a reputable and ethical service and is pleased that Mr Alex Mellor-Brook manages its consultative service.

Alex, Secretary for the ABIA and Elected Council Member since 2000 has gained invaluable dating and introduction experience, knowledge and expertise within the dating industry and is regarded as an authoritative voice within the dating and media circles.

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