Dating Agencies and Introduction Agencies Are Not The Same Thing: Here’s Why

Dating Agencies and Introduction Agencies Are Not The Same Thing: Here’s Why

Dating agencies and introduction agencies both look to help you meet the right person, causing some people to think that they are essentially the same thing. The truth is that the differences between the two are many and they both cater to very different needs.

You will always find a much larger number of people on a dating sites. The reason for this is that almost all of these services are free. They are also extremely easy to join. Answer a few questions, upload a picture and you are set. The problem with this is that a large number of people fake their details, pictures and almost everything else. A lot of them also just want to have a no strings attached fling on the side and so are shopping around for that. This is not to say that people genuinely interested in meeting people do not use these sites, but you have to go through a lot of riff raff to find them.

Introduction agencies look to differentiate themselves by a thorough vetting process. There is a payment required to join this service so that only genuine people do so. All the details entered are verified, as well as using real, current and appropriate pictures. Once the agency has collected all the relevant information, the good agencies will then have a personal interview to get a better idea of what the person is looking for in a partner and then provide relevant matches.

Meeting the right person is not an exact science and for some it happens easily. For others it requires a little more effort. Dating agencies and introduction agencies take different routes to try and reach the same point. The former depends more on serendipity while the latter ticks off as many boxes as possible to increase the likelihood of meeting a special someone.

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