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Leeds Dating – Get introduced to professionals you will truly connect with

Leeds dating can appear really out of reach for a lot of us. With the pace of business life getting ever faster, it’s never been more challenging to find time to meet new people without a little help whether that be from friends, family or a dating agency.

At Select Personal Introductions, our matchmakers can assure you that meeting a like-minded professional is possible with our Select services team working alongside you. Our service has been designed to supply a completely personalised matchmaking service, unlike many dating sites.

Our personalised dating services is an entirely OFF-LINE experience, which doesn’t rely on dating site profiles that could be difficult to trust.

All our clients have been identity checked and interviewed to ensure just the highest calibre of members. We help those who work in business, managerial, professional, and creative and media fields. With us you will meet single articulate people who you really have something in common with, plus all our members are seeking long-term relationships.

Created in 1997, Select Personal Introductions and its services team have a great standing in matchmaking like-minded professionals and this is down mainly to our personal and considered service. We take some time to really get to know exactly what you need and have specialist relationship advisers on hand to offer guidance and support during your dating journey.

Every year members return to us with news on engagements, marriages and growing families so we’ve seen proof that our introduction service can really change individual lives.

We’re devoted to helping you locate other people who are business-minded, attractive and articulate. You are able to cut out wasted time meeting singles who just won’t comprehend your lifestyle.

We’re dating specialists in Chester dating, Leeds dating, Manchester dating, and Liverpool dating for professionals across the area. The truth is, we’d go as far saying we’re the greatest dating agency in the whole of the North West.

Experience the ease of meeting new people who have professional introduction agencies

At Select Personal Introductions, our matchmaking services team want to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to finding a compatible partner.

Our professional dating service relies upon one to one discussions with you, instead of an online procedure, so we can get to learn about what you need in more detail.

You may speak with a team of senior relationship advisers to get started. You may want to take our personality test to learn a little more about yourself and help give us more of an indication of the type of person who may be best suited for you.

We specialise in matching single people who are from professional, creative, business, managerial or media functions. So if you’re a professional, we truly could be the dating agency for you. Our membership support is an important part of our accomplishment. We’re always here to help!

We believe that our success rate is largely down to our personalised service. In addition to interviewing our members on use, we’ve created a feedback system which allows one to build more powerful matchmaking.

It’s a unique manner of letting you be in control of the procedure and helping us ensure the best introduction. We provide an exceptional level of customer service and have a member’s portal site which is reachable 24 hours.

Introduction agencies are the innovative alternative to online relationship your details won’t be made public on a dating website. We pride ourselves on our secrecy and discretion. If you’ve been wary of online dating websites, we are a more conventional structure that you may trust.

Still unsure about whether you are able to trust introduction agencies? Well, we are ABIA regulated (Association of British Introduction Agencies) so you realise that we follow all the important guidelines to ensure your personal safety and dignity. Actually, not only are ourselves, members of the ABIA, we are the only dating site in the North West dedicated to professionals that is also ABIA regulated.

The best method to get a notion of our trustworthiness is always to take a look at our previous member reviews. We have many happy customers now in committed and loving relationships thanks to our matchmaking service.

It’s this type of honour to have a favourable impact on people lives, we trust we can help you also.

To get started with our Leeds dating service, give us a call for a no-obligation chat, on 0113 3200678

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Leeds Dating Agency

The leading dating agency based in Leeds
Working with Leeds singles since 1997

We’re sharing the best kept secret in Leeds Dating

When you’re ready for Leeds dating, there are still decisions to be made. Who, what, when, where and how, basically! It’s a bit of a daunting idea, getting help with something that the world has taught us is going to happen naturally: that we’ll walk down the street, or stand in a queue and meet the love of our lives. If that doesn’t seem to be happening, then we wisely decide to take action for ourselves, but what action? At Select Personal Introductions we’ve met thousands of people who’ve decided to take the plunge and join a professional dating agency, and it’s been a privilege to get to know their stories and watch their dating success.

Dating - the Leeds experience

As stated by the Leeds band, Kaiser Chiefs, “Love’s not a competition but I’m winning” and that very much sums up Select Personal Introductions, Leeds. Whilst online dating has exploded in recent decades, we continue to find that our members – professional singles in West Yorkshire – have found it doesn’t always meet their needs. Instead they turn to us to receive personal service, bespoke matches that they enjoy getting to know and, of course, lasting love. What makes us different?

No scams, no disappointments – just a great date

We’ve all seen the profile picture that’s obviously twenty years out of date. The date who shows up shabby and clearly looking for a financial or emotional handout. Many of us have brushed up against a catfisher, those creepy, charming online scammers. Our Leeds dating agency protects our members from these bad experiences.

how to enquire on leeds dating

Because we know our members, we rule out the liars, time wasters and downright weirdos, introducing you to worthwhile, solvent, trustworthy people, whose company you’ll enjoy and whom you can meet without fear.

Your time matters – we use it well

One problem with online dating is the time suck! You can literally spend hours swiping and get nowhere. That’s why we train our matchmakers to recognise a good match and to use their intuition to create dates that lead to love. Leeds dating needn’t be a chore. With the help of Select Personal Introductions you can enjoy every step on the way to a great relationship.

Finding your soulmate – with our dating experts

Of course flirting is fun and we’re all told we should be “out there” dating and having a great time. But when you’re busy, when your job is demanding and your personal commitments don’t leave a lot of time for socialising, you don’t want to waste time or energy. If you’re looking for a real relationship, you just want somebody to help you out. That’s why our dating service Leeds and West Yorkshire based, is focused on three things: integrity, enjoyment and expertise.

  1. We’re honest and realistic about what we offer, and we get to know our members so we can rely on their integrity and know they are good people to introduce to each other.
  2. Dates should be fun, and while every date can’t lead to a lasting personal relationship, every meeting should be rewarding. We bring people together who will enjoy each other’s company so that self-esteem gets boosted and friendships are created.
  3. Expertise is our cornerstone – finding a love match is part science and part intuition and our matchmakers have to be good at both. Unlike the randomness of online dating, we focus on creating great matches.

Are all Dating Agencies alike?

who are the best in leeds dating agency

Simple answer, no. Dating agencies are as different as people are! While they all have the same core activities, the ways that dating agencies in Leeds, and elsewhere, approach the process of matchmaking can be diverse. At Select Personal Introductions Leeds, we offer some unique advantages we’d like to share with you.

We’re security conscious so you can date safely

Unlike the average dating app, we vet our applicants, but every dating company will tell you that. We go a lot further. We get to know our members, to understand their needs, interests and lifestyles so that we can go beyond verifying somebody’s identity into making great matches, bringing together people who might otherwise never meet, and giving them the chance to find romance.

We know all about dating Leeds professionals

We’ve already written about how difficult it can be to find single professionals when your own life is busy and you’ve already exhausted your local resources and not found what you were looking for. Select Personal Introductions strives to find the perfect match for you. Not soullessly through an algorithm but painstakingly by hand, through the virtuoso work of our professional dating experts and matchmakers. We know our members, we know you and we know Leeds. That means we’re on hand to answer questions, offer advice or just hear how your latest great date went. As the premier dating agency for Leeds professionals we’re proud of our track record, and delighted when we succeed in bringing people together.

No matter what your situation, a Leeds dating agency will be able to help you find the right match.

Getting started with dating in Leeds

Any dating agency worth its salt has a strong local focus and at Select Personal Introductions we’re very aware of how important it is to understand local cultures, habits and even history. Why? Because it helps us make fantastic matches. It all starts with privacy: whether we consult at our offices in Leeds or over Skype or Zoom, we spend time getting to know you. That moves on to understanding: through our knowledge of you, your needs, desires and circumstances, we can match you with somebody who is likely to find you interesting, fun and rewarding to be with – and you’re likely to feel the same about them. Finally we add personalised support: no soulless computer programmes for us! You’ll get to know us, to feel at home with us, and we’ll be able to suggest cool restaurants, fab new bars and all kinds of exciting dates that will build a fulfilling social life and maybe lead to lasting love.


Why is it important to go on dates?

Going on dates isn’t just about ‘playing the odds’, it also helps you to develop a better sense of what you like or need in a relationship and to hone your social skills so you can communicate better. Enjoying the process of dating is important to your own self-esteem, and can lead to a permanent relationship.

What does dating someone mean?

It means a lot of different things to different people. It can mean playing the field, just having fun, or serious commitment. But generally dating is seen as a romantic enterprise, an attempt to find out if you’re compatible enough to build a long term relationship with your date. There are many ways to find dates and Dating agencies in Leeds can contribute a great deal to your dating opportunities.

What are the five stages of dating?

Dating specialists have created a shorthand way of explaining how the perfect relationship happens.

  • Attraction – also called the fantasy or honeymoon period. This is when our new partner seems perfect and there are no conflicts or difficulties in time spent together.
  • Reality – the endorphins of early attraction wear off and flaws start to appear in the previously perfect partner. This is where many relationships flounder.
  • Commitment – in this stage, couples get to work through the disappointment of the previous phase, learning how to communicate, dealing honestly with anger and disappointment and working out how to coexist where you don’t necessarily agree on things.
  • Stability – also called intimacy, this is where couples build their partnership. They know each other’s histories, likes and dislikes and begin to operate as a unit, trading strengths and weaknesses and supporting each other through life’s challenges.
  • Engagement – no, not the shiny ring thing, although that can be one way of expressing a mature relationship. Engagement is the point at which two people decide this is it, the all or nothing, life-long process of being a couple and it means building a shared vision for a life together.

What is the purpose of dating?

While dating can be casual and doesn’t necessarily lead to a serious relationship, many people date to find an exclusive romantic relationship. That’s certainly what most of our members at Select Personal Introductions are seeking. Dating is simply the process by which you decide if you want to be in a relationship with that other person or not.

How often should you see someone you're dating?

How long is a piece of string? Some people date several times a week, others just once a week, others might not see each other that often. It’s all about what works for you and your life. There’s no perfect answer, but if you like your date, you’ll probably want to see them more frequently and if they agree, that’s a wonderful sign that you might be falling in love. Our dating service in Leeds is always on hand to help you chart the path to a successful relationship.

Can you find love on a dating site?

Of course you can. The great thing about love is you can find it anywhere. However, when talking about Leeds dating, we’d always suggest working with people who know you, the local area, and a bunch of amazing potential dates who might be just the one for you.

What age is best to start dating?

It’s another piece of string question. The best age to start dating is when you’re ready. Traditionally people start dating in their teens, but for more mature people, or those returning to dating, age shouldn’t be an issue. When you want to date, then date, and if you want help finding great dates, we’re here!

What's a romantic date?

A romantic date contains opportunities for romantic experiences such as dancing, gazing into each other’s eyes and sharing personal stories. It might be dinner together, a picnic in the park or watching a firework display. Different people find romance in different experiences: a wander along the Meanwood Valley Trail might be highly romantic for an outdoorsy type but more like a forced march for somebody who doesn’t love exercise. In any case, an experienced dating company can always help you to work out what constitutes a romantic date for you and your prospective partner.

How long should you date before moving in?

You should wait until you’re sure. For some couples this might be six months, for others it cold be many years, or never. Nobody else can judge the decisions you make, because they aren’t in the relationship. However, one thing that couple-finding experts all agree on is that mutual consent and confidence is essential to finding the right time to live together.

how can I get a great leeds dating experience

Tips On Your First Date

First dates can be stressful, which is why our dating agency in Leeds is always on hand to help make every first date a memorable experience. Here are our top tips to a great first date:

  • Go somewhere you feel comfortable and you can easily hear your date speak. So many first dates are destroyed by having to shout over loud music!
  • Dress appropriately – what would you wear on a fun night out? Then just take it up a notch to show respect for your date.
  • Be on time. It shouldn’t need saying but Leeds traffic can be a bit of a pain, so we’d always suggest allowing time for unexpected delays.
  • Keep an open mind – a date, even a first date, is a partnership, so let your date have a say in how things go.
  • Listen well and be sociable. This goes back to our first point. Good listeners are always attractive and to be a good listener you have to be able to hear. When you’ve listened, share something of yourself but don’t dominate the conversation.
  • Be sensitive. Some people love first dates, others find them a bit like exams. It’s always better to hold back a little than go too far on a first date. You can let your date know you find them attractive without pushing your luck.
  • Ask questions about your date, but don’t interrogate them. This is a fine line, and if you’ve ever been on the end of the list of endless questions, you know how tiring it can be. Make sure you balance asking, listening and sharing.
  • Be a good communicator when the date is over, even if you only get in touch to say you had a good time and wish the other person well.

Dating In The UK - an insider's guide

Dating in Leeds isn’t much different to other areas of the UK and doesn’t need to be complicated, although there are certain things that you might want to keep in mind.

  • Leeds has some great places for unusual dates. The “Hall of Steel’ at the Royal Armouries Museum is great for a Game of Thrones fan, for example.
  • Like most Yorkshire folk, we combine politeness with plain speaking – an average date is likely to blend a lot of courtesy with some pretty straight questions! Dating agencies in Leeds sometimes come across people who are a bit ‘too blunt’ on a first date, but that’s also an attractive quality of honesty which can be honed to serve people well in dating situations.
  • Splitting the bill during dates is common, but it’s good to be clear about this from the beginning.

Different forms of dating - a user's guide

There are many ways to date. Here’s our guide to the most common:

  • Speed dating – speed dating firms allow individuals to meet a lot of people in a short pace of time. It can also be brutal and challenging to the ego! If you can accept a casual, fun encounter, and don’t find meeting in large groups too daunting, this may be a good route for you.
  • Online dating – as we’ve already discussed, has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s certainly opens the door to just how many other people are out there but it can be a time drain, and not getting dates can be demoralising.
  • Dating agencies – a good dating agency will help you by curating your dates so that you spend less time trying to find potential partners. They can cost more than online dating but tend to offer a more personalised and more effective service.

Ready to date?

If you’re ready to date, we’re here to help. Our dating experts are on hand to walk you through the process of registration, and will be equally available to guide you through the dating process. Everyone deserves a relationship that fulfils their dreams and gives them a reason to live and at Select Personal Introductions we’re lucky enough to be in the business of making that happen. It’s time to let us show you what we can do – so why not get in touch today?

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