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At Select Personal Introductions, we take pride in curating meaningful connections for our network of members. With this vision in mind, we’ve chosen to collaborate with The Luxe Club, Mayfair.

Luxe’s signature blend of VIP singles events seamlessly bridges the gap between our networks, fostering an environment ripe for connection and camaraderie.

From curated dinners to parties, their social calendar is thoughtfully designed to bring like-minded individuals together. These events offer an exclusive setting to mingle and present an ideal platform to make new connections around the world. We believe this collaboration will create a rich, interactive experience for our members, perfectly aligning with our commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships.

Explore Luxe Club's Diverse Range of Premium Events

Our partnership unfolds an exclusive world of international events, from the cosmopolitan streets of London to the romantic allure of Paris and the glitz of Monaco. Whether it’s the thrill of the Monaco Rolex Masters tennis, the elegance of the Longines Paris Eiffel Showjumping, or the buzzing energy of the Qatar Goodwood racing festival, each event is an opportunity for unique experiences and meaningful connections.

In these atmospheres of grandeur and excitement, you have the chance to meet a diverse and lively crowd. These aren’t just social events – they’re venues for potential sparks of romance, and profound connection.

The Luxe Club
The Luxe Club
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