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Concierge Shopping & Personal Styling for Successful Men

The Capar - Mens fashion styling

What does The Chapar offer?

Chapar offers a personalized styling service, where clients can work with a stylist to create a wardrobe tailored to their individual needs and preferences. The service includes a one-on-one consultation, where the stylist will discuss the client’s style goals and help them select items that fit their personal taste and lifestyle.

How does The Chapar work?

The Chapar has been styling & supporting successful men like you for 10 years, ensuring that they look good without the pain that comes with regular shopping for men.

The process is easy:

  1. Onboarding: Enter your sizes and other basic information.
  2. Brief: Speak to your stylist so they understand more about you and your requirements.
  3. Build: Your stylist will design outfits specifically for you and they will be packed into your first Chapar Trunk and delivered to you at your desired time and location.
  4. Try: Try on in the comfort of your own home, take out the items you want to keep and pack everything else back in your trunk.
  5. Return: Their team will arrange a courier to come and collect your trunk at your convenience
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The Chapar
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