How do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day

Valentine's dayNo matter where you are on the 14th of February you won’t be able to ignore the fanfare of Valentine’s day. Like most holidays, it gets a fair amount of heckling from the haters. Accusing love of being a thin veil thrown over a commercial money-pit of a holiday.They’ll frown and scrooge over having to join in on the worldwide celebration. Then there are those that regardless of whether they’re a singleton or coupled up, gush over every heart shaped card and teddy with a squeezable paw squeaking “be my Valentine”. Whatever your view, you’ll be celebrating in one way or another, the question is how?

The Singleton’s story

It’s all too easy to look at the holiday as one for couples, their 24 hours to bask in their love, flaunting it for everyone to see. If you don’t have a claim to that status, do you pull a Bridget Jones, get drunk and croon into the karaoke machine to wallow your misery away? Not a good look. You could always choose to be a Valentine whether someone’s dangling off your arm or not. Some long standing singles claim the day for themselves with a little indulgent pampering, gift and fine dining experience. With that outlook, you’re guaranteed to have a great Valentine’s day.

Knowing and showing your love, is the point of celebrating Valentines and no-one loves you like your mates. Grab your best single friends and hit the bars and clubs for the buffet that’s always promised at the Valentine’s day bashes. If however, the thought of bumping and grinding makes you want to peel your lids back; host a dinner for your nearest and dearest to celebrate friendship. Those that have done this, ask guests to bring a dish or a bottle. There’s nothing quite like spending the night skipping down memory lane, giggling and getting tipsy with friends to remind you of the love that’s in your life.

For the coupled up

For many it’ll be shmoozing at one another across the table in a dimly lit restaurant whispering sweet nothings as they recall why they’ve chosen this person to be in their life. Sure Valentine’s day may make your bank account lose a little weight, but even those that grumble love the opportunity to show how they feel with thoughtful gift exchanges. Long term marrieds see it as a chance to reminisce on the time spent together, eyes clouding over with joy at yet another year spent together.

Then there’s the first-Valentine-together and we’re in lurrve lovers. Fingers comfortably twiddling over a shared bowl of spaghetti, they’re clearly oblivious to every other guest and that’s what the day is for them. Valentines is their chance to forget about the rest of the world and gifting all their romantic feelings to the beauty sitting across from them. Offering yourself into the unknown but slightly familiar is a sure butterfly-maker and come February 14th, Cupid will be inspiring love flutterings all over the world. So, how will you be spending the day?

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