All the World Loves a Lover

love and romance– ‘Proverb illustrating the popularity of romance’. Answer – All The World Loves a Lover. That got me thinking – Is this really true? Well – let’s get to grips with the debate.

Does ‘All The World Love a Lover’? If so, is it because they have shown they are prepared to risk the emotional turmoil of rejection in the pursuit of love? These brave souls, the couples who have shown their commitment to finding someone to share life with, so often openly display the togetherness so many people crave but so many fail to attain. So, could the rest of us actually be envious?

You know where I am coming from – appearing to be happy for them whilst sticking the boot in behind closed doors.

There – ‘Cat Among The Pigeons’ (another proverbial saying) – debate under way!

I have another take on this though. One that doesn’t involve Love or Romance.

First thoughts tend to be are that this proverb refers to said Romantic love but does it?  Could it really be referring to a general, more magnanimous love? Quite simply – being kind, generous and open spirited with each other.

Being polite and considerate with more give and take works wonders in any situation whether a romantic encounter or in the workplace.

These are the kind of qualities that previous generations seem to have had in abundance. We call it Community Spirit, today. Neighbours looked out for each other, helped each other, were close as friends and often trusted each other implicitly.  All that seems to have evaporated and using this interpretation, it no longer seems that ‘All The World Loves a Lover’.

Love in any form these days seems transient even the Romantic kind. ‘Every Man for Himself’ appears to be the norm but take heart. There are still pockets of resistance out there and that generous human spirit we all secretly admire still exists I am sure, albeit well hidden much of the time. We just have to find it and what better way to do this than to display it. ‘Like attracts Like’ – another old saying!

A smile costs nothing; being kind, polite and considerate costs nothing. It may be thrown back in our faces from time to time but by and large, being NICE pays dividends more often than not.  There may be responses of surprise and hesitancy at first but don’t be put off. Look on it as an exercise, a bit of personal market research.

You could be amazed at the results. Who knows – it could lead back to the initial traditional interpretation of ‘All The World Loves a Lover’. YOU COULD FIND THE ONE OF YOUR DREAMS along the way!

So, here is a resolution, even though it is well past New Year. BE KIND, BE LOVING AND CONSIDER EACH OTHER. You never know where it may lead.

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