Dream Lover

DREAM LOVER WHERE ARE YOU WITH A LOVE OH SO TRUE Dream Lover was apparently a hit record for the singer/songwriter Bobby Darin way back in the Summer of 1959. I heard it this morning on a local radio station (name of said radio station withheld to protect the guilty). Good job I didn’t hear …

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Love is in the Air – the origins of Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is upon us and the shops are full of everything bright pink and red from lovely pink bubbly, heart shaped chocolates wrapped in pink foil, long stem roses and beautiful bouquets of wonderfully colourful and imaginative floral assortments. Even magazines and newspapers include all manner of creative Valentine’s projects and list things to …

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Love’s emotional baggage

Don’t confuse their Love Life Luggage with emotional baggage. Once you’ve crossed the threshold of true adulthood, life will undoubtedly have handed you a few items of luggage to carry into your future. For some it’s a handful of children to love unconditionally, leaving their life divided as they share custody. A previous relationship ending …

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Love at first sight

Love really makes the world go round The weather is dreadful, cold, gales and more rain than the ground can cope with. Now, to top it all, a Chicago Doctor – Dr. Donna Jo Bridge of the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, has come to the conclusion that ‘Love at First Sight’ is a …

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Compromise in relationships

Compromise in relationships! Perfection isn’t an option,  so how do you compromise in relationships? If your relationship has just transitioned from the dating phase, some of the personal habits you used to overlook may have started to grate on your nerves. Rather than question whether it’s time to throw in the towel because after they’ve …

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Dating and what your clothes say about you

What your clothes say about you on your first few dates –

Deciding what to wear on a first date is an area where many become unstuck.  People tend to buy new clothes anticipating what will impress the other person; often ending up looking like they tried far too hard or simply not really giving an accurate portrayal of themselves.  Others end up looking too high maintenance or too eager to impress.  Some women feel the need to look seductive and end up flashing a little too much flesh which can wreak of desperation or give a false impression of their true intentions.  There is definitely an art to finding the right outfit for early dates.

Firstly, don’t even think about buying new clothes for it.

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