Dream Lover


Dream Lover was apparently a hit record for the singer/songwriter Bobby Darin way back in the Summer of 1959. I heard it this morning on a local radio station (name of said radio station withheld to protect the guilty).


Good job I didn’t hear it on Valentine’s Day. I would have been positively suicidal!

Am I alone in feeling that all the hype surrounding this particular festival didn’t deliver?  No card; No roses; No special dinner.

No Valentine – no goodnight kiss n cuddle.

What a let down and how flat everything feels post Valentine’s Day.  It’s like the aftermath of Christmas or when we go back to work after a lovely holiday.  Our poor minds playing delusional tricks on us again (see previous blog).

The aforementioned song takes the emotions and dreams of a young man starting out in life. They are the dreams, emotions and ambitions we all had when we approached adulthood. The wish to share life with someone special – simple and direct you might think.

Now, back to reality!

What happens as life goes on? We learn that it isn’t so easy or so simple. Human love is complex and varied. Life takes its toll. Emotions develop and are discarded in favour of the rat race we call career. This is all consuming and smothers natural, simple, loving emotions.

Love should be natural easy and simple but it rarely is. If things aren’t complicated they aren’t worth having.

How sad!

That old saying ‘keep it simple Sam’ really should be our mantra with everything especially with affairs of the heart. It is when we try to over-think and over analyse, that everything falls apart and love flies out of the window.

We find ourselves alone again and the search for love goes on!

So, what can we do about it? The answer may be quite simple (sorry about that).

Keeping a conscious grip on all the negativity that day to day living can impose on us is a good start. Give and take is essential – so is not being afraid to show our ‘softer’ side. It isn’t weak to show loving emotions because only by doing so, even when they are cast aside by another, can we hope to find that ‘someone special’.  Sooner of later, being ‘open to love’ will pay dividends and you won’t be just dreaming anymore.

In conclusion – ‘I don’t wanna dream alone’ – do you?

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