Christmas and dating for singles

Why dating for singles over the Christmas period makes perfect sense

The festivities are about to begin, soirees of the season are readying themselves for guests who have had a year’s worth of lengthy meetings, rushed lunches and underpaid overtime eager to relax into their skin and breathe easy. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself, right? Not if your mind is occupied with all the things you haven’t achieved; the list of gifts that need to be bought, visiting aunt Mabel before Christmas Eve and of course your resolution to not be single over the holidays yet again. Don’t shelve the idea of chasing love until the New Year because dating over the Christmas period makes perfect sense. There are plenty of opportunities to star in your very own fairytale if you’re open and willing.

While you’re reflecting this Christmas, thinking about all the things you’re looking forward to in the new year, why not do it during a date? Your optimism and enthusiasm can be shared with a fresh set of ears. Dare to dream aloud with your potential love while you both cross items off shopping lists; if you get to the 25th and need to exchange gifts you won’t be stumped as you’ll have an idea of their preferences. With a bit of planning you might be able to start shedding your single status to star in that fairytale romance after all. With the major shopping centre’s boasting elaborate displays, you can be serenaded by live bands igniting sparks beneath your potential new relationship.

No or Low expectations

Being separated from your significant other over the Christmas period can be bearable once you ditch the expectations. Appreciating that not every family get-together goes swimmingly, arguments exploding at every corner can leave you feeling emotionally hazed and drained. Don’t feel obligated to bring your fresh flame if they’re likely to feel like an uncomfortable outsider. What will be laughed off as banter in a day or two may look like insults bouncing across the dining table. Without expectations, you can spend the holiday’s physically apart, injecting warmth into each other’s heart spaces via love filled messages.

If however cupid has already struck and meeting the family is looking likely, you can take advantage of the season to secure your relationship. Perhaps by showing your vegan hubby how much you want him to feel included by letting your folks know and taking along a main course so he doesn’t feel left out at a dinner table loaded with every meat known to mankind. In doing so, you show him that you don’t expect him to compromise on his core beliefs to be with you and yours.

Ending the year on a high note is what we’re all looking to do. If a relationship is something you’ve been after then why put a pause on your pursuit of happiness now? Dating for singles over the Christmas period is full of opportunities and so it makes perfect sense to remain open to the chance of love.

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