Dating A Single Parent

You’ve started dating a new person and discover that they have children. Bringing a child into the mix brings a different dynamic to a dating relationship. There are some helpful tips everybody should know before dating a single parent that will not only benefit you, but the family unit, as well.

Be Understanding

Dating a single parent requires quite a bit of understanding on your part. Single parents are looking for a partner with whom they, and their children can connect with. They are protective of their children and need someone who will understand their role as a mother / father, and be patient with their responsibilities in parenthood.

How to Treat a Single Parent

Treat single parents like any other date. Be flirtatious, make romantic gestures and give plenty of affection. Make sure that both of you have plenty of time together. We all know that our children come first in any situation because we love them unconditionally. Single parents can often struggle when arranging babysitters and time away from the demands of work and family life. It is important therefore, to be flexible and accommodating with your dating choices.

Getting to Know the Children

Though you don’t want to spend too much time commenting on the children, you definitely don’t want to ignore them. Make sure that both the parent and children know that you appreciate them. Encourage the children with their talents and interests. Spend time playing with them, even when the mother / father may not be around. Building relationships with the children is very important to build confidence in you as a partner.

Be Honest

Single parents deserve honesty. They will not put up with selfishness. Don’t try to put on a facade to win over their feelings. Chances are, they will see right through any act.

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