Dating – Missed Opportunity

So, you’ve tried internet dating – was it worth it?  Did you find THE ONE? Probably not! This is because the guys think that the girls out there wanting to date for free are… let’s say ‘up for it’, crude I know, but true! Guess they’re just not the marrying type… so I’m told! 

As for the guys, well… they’ll do the rounds and it doesn’t matter how old you are! As for ‘photo’ delirium – OMG, “talk about judging a book” – I think the plot has been well and truly lost!

A Brother recently recommended Select to his Sister because he wanted a professional introduction agency to look after her. He practically begged her not to use any of the popular internet dating sites because his friends were… and they had a lot to say on the matter, he said “it was not sugar-coated!”

Let’s face it, if you are a hard working professional who simply wants to meet someone to experience life with, someone who will genuinely love you and have your best interests at heart and warm to your social network of friends and family then you have to stop wasting time because it is ticking and the internet just isn’t going to ‘Cut the mustard’!

I know that finding a good agency is hard and we can sometimes get cold feet or aren’t too sure if it will work, but there is help at hand – you just have to make the first move to succeed and if it works, it works! If it doesn’t then, ‘try’ ‘try’ again. Isn’t that what we were told as kids?

So what’s changed in this ‘Rat Race’ of a Society – our feelings? Our fear of rejection, maybe? So what, that existed as kids! The difference being that way back then we fought through those feelings with this great desire to succeed. We wanted to conquer the world and dreamed about what we would be when we grew up and that included meeting our knight in shining armour, having a family of our own and yep, being hugely successful!

Nothing changes, we still all want the same things in life, but those of us that go out and get it will succeed and those of us who sit back waiting for it to come to us will always have in the back of their minds – ‘what if’? “Missed opportunity”, that’s what I call it!

Don’t let life pass you by, a year goes far too quickly and before you know it you have indeed… Missed the Opportunity.”


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