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Dating agency Manchester – Busy days, pressured lives, and long hours … most of us want a partner but just don’t have the time and energy to make a big investment in finding romance alone. That’s why Select Personal Introductions exists.

Many of us have had exactly this experience which is why our consultants bring more than professionalism to their work – they bring personal experience of how tough it can be to find a relationship today. 

We’re committed to helping people like us, busy professionals with complicated lives, find a partner with whom to have fun and spend quality time with. We have a belief system that we’re happy to share with you:

  • We believe in fun.
  • We believe in personalised service.
  • We believe there is somebody for everyone.
  • We believe we’re the best dating agency in the North West.

Those are big claims, but at Select Personal Introductions, we’re confident we can live up to them. It’s not just the calibre of our consultants that makes us different, although that’s vital, it’s also the processes we use to find you the partner you’ve been dreaming of.

  • We interview all our members in depth.
  • We guard your privacy like it was our own, so instead of spreading your information across the internet, we use it purely to match you with another of our clients whom we’ve got to know as meticulously as we know you.
  • We introduce you, personally and confidentially to somebody that we think will light up your life.

Since 1997 we’ve been making introductions between our clients, and that means there’s a whole generation of happy couples who’ve found each other through our dating agency Manchester and North West based service.

Our approach is all about quality – if you wanted to endlessly swipe right or left, you probably wouldn’t have thought about contacting Select Personal Introductions – so if you’re ready to be introduced to somebody whose personality, interests and lifetime goals complements your own, you’re in the right place.

So many of us have become jaded with the constant first dates, the endless effort to engage with people who don’t seem to have the same interests as us, or even to be looking for a great relationship that will last.

That’s why Select Personal Introductions is so unusual – we cut through the waffle and hype, doing all the initial research and probing so that by the time we introduce you to somebody, there’s no time-wasting, just the excitement of getting to know somebody who’s already in tune with you and what you want from life.

Working with one of the top agencies in the UK is a very different process to the potential risks and hassle of online dating. Just fill in the application form on our website and we’ll contact you and take you through the early stages, professionally, promptly and without obligation.

For those based in the North West and West Yorkshire region, we provide an efficient, personalised introduction service that treats you like a human being and doesn’t waste your time.

Finding your life partner through Select Personal Introductions

At Select Personal Introductions, we know that great relationships begin through knowledge. Understanding another person can’t be done through an algorithm or with a quick phone call, it requires time, sensitivity and intuition.

We’re aware that the relationships we build with our clientele will determine the relationships they build with each other, and that’s what drives our high success rate – we focus on you, your needs, desires, hopes and plans, so that we can introduce you to somebody whose needs, desires, hopes and plans are aligned with your own.

We also use our intuition, our decades of finding the right person for a client, to ‘know’ when a relationship will work, even if the obvious indicators aren’t there. It comes from our deep knowledge of each client, and our investment in getting it right.

how do you choose a dating agency

You don’t have to take our word for it, look at Select Personal Introductions testimonials and success stories – we get invited to a lot of weddings! That’s the point of being matchmakers and that’s when we enjoy the results of our work; nothing makes us happier than a new ‘save the date’ on the company fridge!

As the leading dating agency Manchester has embraced us and we have appeared on many a TV and Radio platform over the last two decades, as seen on The Real Housewives of Cheshire and featured in Mancunian Matters, the Manchester Evening News and on BBC Radio Manchester to name but a few. We rely on our personal approach to match like-minded people and we’re so confident that we can get results that we stake our reputation on it.

We also know that by the time people reach us, they’ve had bad experiences and may be cautious about the idea of revealing their innermost selves to somebody else. That’s another reason that we spend so much time getting to know our clients – we want them to know that whatever their concerns, they have somebody to talk to who is completely invested in helping them have a great dating experience, and who is keen to hear how things are going and has the experience to help with any little stumbling blocks.

There’s another reason people choose Select Personal Introductions – they’re short of time, maybe because they’re busy professionals or maybe because they don’t want to spend any longer without a really special person in their lives.

This is where we excel – we do all the legwork so that our clients can relax, knowing that each dating experience will be fulfilling and exciting, not a waste of time. Our services are designed to get results without time-wasting.

Sometimes people worry about the dating agency cost but the truth is, when you calculate all the time spent worrying, stressing, guessing, swiping, waiting to hear and time-wasting on blind dates set up by well-meaning but amateur friends … it’s often cheaper financially, and for your peace of mind, to invest in professional support for the most important decision of your life.

What, Price, Love?

What is the best price dating agency membership when looking for love?

This is a great question. What price would you put on love? Some people find it difficult to contemplate paying dating services to find dates, but at Select Personal Introductions we’re all about finding you a relationship, someone you’ll truly connect with, and nearly a quarter century of experience has shown us that the best priced membership is the one that helps you find the person you’ve been looking for.

If we can do that – and we’re confident we can – we think you’ll agree that our introduction services are priceless.

Dating Agencies Manchester

To ensure we offer our client-base a wide and wonderful pool of potential life-partners, we cover an extensive area, including: Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Leeds, West Yorkshire, South Cumbria and North Wales.

Just as we believe in a personalised service, we also believe in professional standards, which is why we’re a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies, making us the sole traditional dating agency focussed on professionals in the North West that is ABIA registered. We’re also fabulously successful, which might be the reason that independent research has confirmed that Select Personal Introductions has more young professional members in the Greater Manchester area than any other introduction agency in the UK. And many of those members arrive through word of mouth, from one happy client to another.

If you’re ready to find what you’ve been looking for in life, why not call us on 0161 872 3900 so we can begin the search that ends in happiness for you and a very special somebody!


How do you relax in early stages of dating?

Long experience suggests to us that this is a particular concern for women. Social media, cultural conditioning, and other forms of pressure can make women in particular intensely aware of how they look and sound in the early stages of a relationship.

Being the foremost dating agency for women Manchester singles have given us some real insight into this issue.

Begin by giving yourself a break – perhaps ask a trusted friend to list six or seven things that make you a great person and good company. Then think about how you can focus your attention on those things, rather than whatever it is you usually worry about on a first date.

Our Manchester matchmaking team are always on hand to help you decide on a marvellous location and activity for a good first date.

Don’t try to be perfect – we all want to make the best first impression but actually, it’s all about feeling comfortable and ensuring your date does too. Instead of aiming to impress or setting out to be somebody other than yourself, think about choosing experiences and activities that make you happy because when you’re happy, you’re much more likely to relax and there’s nothing nicer than spending time with somebody who’s happy in their own skin.

What are the different levels of dating?

Ah, the secret rules of dating! Seriously, there’s no big hidden mystery to the world of dating, although there are a few guidelines that can help you find your feet. One common ‘system’ is considered to be:

  1. First meeting/initial attraction.
  2. Attraction/curiosity/learning about each other.
  3. Becoming a couple.
  4. Commitment to a shared life.

As you can see, even the best dating agencies can only help with the first of these stages, but that’s where we have an outstanding success record.

As our matchmaking services carefully pair you with somebody to whom you’ll likely be attracted, and vice versa, we hope that stage two is guaranteed.

After that, as your relationship deepens, your commitment will be unique to you – the couple creating their own unique, loving relationship.

How do you act when dating?

Such a good question! As one of the leading dating introduction agencies Manchester singles turn to us every day for help and advice, so we’ve come up with a list of top dating tips to help you succeed:

  • Give your date your full attention. Turn off your phone, sit away from TV screens or other distractions and don’t go anywhere that you’ll be constantly interrupted.
  • Don’t mention your ex-partners and don’t interrogate your date about theirs. This is just about the two of you, not about the past.
  • Seek conversation but don’t be afraid of silence. While interruptions aren’t a good idea, it’s smart to go somewhere that there’s something to look at, whether it’s a show, a beautiful view or some kind of activity that occasionally forces you both to concentrate on something except each other. Essentially, give yourself and your date a chance to take a breath and regroup, dating can be intense!

First impressions count. But they aren’t everything. By all means make an effort with your grooming but don’t change your look just to try and impress a date. Be on time, smile, and admit that you’re nervous (if you are) because your date probably feels insecure too. Find something to compliment your date on – everybody loves a sincere compliment and if they compliment you, accept the kind words and say thank you.

How often should you talk when dating?

We’ve all seen those TV comedies where somebody just can’t stop talking because they are nervous. But actually, most people naturally get this kind of thing right by instinct.

Some of us are natural chatters, others are great listeners. Some are initiators while others prefer to go along with ideas. Trust your personality and let your date reveal how they like to do things.

After the first meeting, don’t panic if you don’t hear from your date immediately – busy professionals often have a lot on their plates and some people like time to digest their impressions. Allow the relationship to develop at its own pace.

The History of Matchmaking

what are the advantages of using a dating agency

It’s worth remembering that in many cultures, matchmaking is still the norm, and results in many thousands of successful, loving relationships. Local dating agencies have existed for centuries, although more often than not they were informal processes, run by a range of individuals such as vicars and postmasters!

Often the earliest Western dating agencies operated through national newspapers, before moving to video and eventually the internet.

But what makes personal introduction services so different is that, like those earliest organisations, there’s somebody at the heart of the process who knows both partners well and is confident that they have a high chance of falling for each other.

A good introduction company cuts through the randomness of dating to deliver a personalised service that is truly focused on you – the client.

A Guide To Dating For People Over 50

More and more of us are looking for a fulfilling relationship later in life. But for many of us, the idea of ‘dating’ can be a turn off. That’s where the bespoke service of a personal introduction firm really helps.

Whether you’re rushed off your feet with a pressured career, trying to balance extended family life with a personal desire for a life-mate, or ready to try a new relationship after a break up, Select Personal Introductions has wide experience in finding you the right person to make dating into a joy rather than a chore.

We do this by getting to know you, so that we can introduce you to like-minded people who’ll interest and engage you. As one of the foremost dating introduction agencies Manchester has to offer – we know that you don’t have time to waste, so we cut to the chase and make your investment in a new relationship more than worthwhile.

We are one of the most professional introduction agencies in Manchester. Our dating service is highly affordable, and we have a team of professional, friendly, dating consultants who are ready to help you along your dating journey.

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