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Love is complicated. If anybody had found a definitive way to guarantee it, they’d be a multi-millionaire. But at Select Personal Introductions we do know a few of the key factors that make a relationship work, and our Manchester matchmakers are ready to share them with you.

A real relationship requires real effort

That’s why our matchmaker service focuses on getting to know you, and the people we’re going to introduce you to. We don’t just weed out the fakes and liars who find themselves at home on dating apps, we understand what makes you tick, and that means we can bring you together with people with whom you’ll click!

Matchmaker dating works

While we’d like to say our success is entirely based on our skills and intuition, there are basic, simple reasons that a matchmaker Manchester UK based has a better chance of finding you a lasting relationship:

• They help you present yourself at your very best.
• They are able to offer guidance and support based on vast experience to make your dates successful.
• They’ve been trained as exclusive dating consultants so they have professional skills in matching people successfully.
• The careful vetting they employ means you only meet genuine people looking for a lasting relationship.

For all these reasons and more, working with a Manchester matchmaker will be more fun, more fruitful and more likely to lead to a long-term relationship.

How to succeed at dating

Our matchmaking agency Manchester has answered this question many times over the years! While the answers are well-known, it’s always worth stating them again:

1. Work with people you trust – matchmaker dating is much more comfortable than online apps because you have a dedicated professional matchmaker who’s totally on your side to help you find your perfect match.
2. Put your best foot forward – ask your friends and relatives what makes you special and don’t be shy about adding that to your profile. Trust your matchmaker when they advise you which profile pictures to use, because they know what will appeal to the person who’s just right for you.
3. Relax – such an easy thing to say, such a tough thing to do! A first date can be full of nerves for even the most confident person, but we’re on hand to help you pick a fun venue, choose the best outfit and even work out how to follow up on your date.


What is a matchmaker?

As a premier dating company we know that matchmaking can sound old school. However for busy professionals and people who have complicated family lives, maybe children, maybe parents or relatives who require their support and attention, a Manchester matchmaker can simplify life. We all deserve love, but some of us just have less time to devote to finding it. A matchmaker helps you get what you want from life – without wasting time or facing the disappointment of time wasters and crooks.

What makes a good matchmaker?

Intuition, a good sense of humour, tact, patience, the ability to be honest, loving their work and enjoying solving puzzles and creating success. Select Personal Introductions is an exclusive dating and matchmaking service based in the heart of Manchester, at Spinningfields – building relationships for over 20 years. At our matchmaker agency we know that finding a good matchmaker is key to finding love.

Should I hire a matchmaker?

Do you want a lasting relationship? Did you try online dating and find you wasted time on dates who didn’t follow through? Have you, like 60% of women aged 18-34 who’ve tried online dating, found that somebody kept hassling you after you said you weren’t interested? Is it difficult to find time to devote to your own romantic life so you end up feeling lonely? In all these cases a professional matchmaking company can help you find what you desire. 

What does a matchmaker do?

First of all our matchmaking agency Manchester based, vets all clients and gets to know them. This means everybody we introduce is genuine. Every one of our clients has spent time exploring what they want from a relationship. Each of them is genuine about being ready to find love. Bringing together people who will have chemistry is part science, part art, but a great matchmaker knows just which couples are likely to hit it off.

What is a relationship expert?

A relationship expert might be a number of things: a counsellor, a therapist, an advisor. But in our terms, it’s a person with expert skills. Our exclusive dating experts help our clients to find a lasting relationship without wasting time, experiencing disappointment over time-wasters or putting themselves at risk of contact with catfishers, weirdos and generally unsuitable individuals.

Are matchmakers still a thing?

We’re a professional dating firm, and matchmakers are core to our success – so yes, matchmakers are still a thing. But today they work with computer technology to assist their instinctive sense of what makes a good match, they know their local area and their clients so they can help create great dates and memorable experiences.

If love matters to you, we’re here to help. Why not contact us today on 01618723900, to start the process that can lead to a lasting relationship?


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