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Introduction agency professionals will not be a fresh notion, in fact, a personal introduction agency was the first dating agency before online dating became the big tendency for those hunting for a potential partner.

Online dating sites are all well and good for people who have plenty of time to meet wannabe suitors and assess if they really do live up to their profiles, and for those that don’t mind having their profile available for anyone to see online, but it’s not a style of introductions that is for everyone.

In case you are a single professional or company person seeking a date but would rather keep things OFF-LINE, we can assist you! At Select Services, all our matchmaking is done by professional dating advisers and matchmakers we do not rely on computerised systems.

Our introduction agency prides itself on being exceptionally personal. Now you can find like-minded singles minus the embarrassment of online dating.

Established in 1997, Select Services dating agency are experienced in the area of personal introductions. We pride ourselves on a great level of customer service and have a wealth of favourable customer reviews to back this up.

Our team of dating advisers will consider all of your dating requirements in addition to your individual personality features. We provide a personality survey that can help you find out exactly what sort of man you might be and this will afterwards be fit against the answers of our other members.

Things which can be kept in mind comprise visions for the future, values and opinions on many subjects. With our services you don’t have to waste time meeting up with people that just don’t have enough in common with you for a serious relationship. All our members are ultimately seeking long-term commitment.

Be bold and take the leap into professional dating introductions

Do you lead a busy, business-filled life? We recognise the quick pace of the corporate world doesn’t leave much time for meeting new people, especially singles also seeking a partner.

We’re among the few introduction agencies in the North West that exclusively focus on professionals who are looking for a harmonious date.

We help those in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire, Leeds, Wirral, and Lancashire as well as everywhere else nearby.

We’ve got the highest amount of young professionals based in Greater Manchester on our books, more than any other UK introduction dating agency. We focus on those people who are working in a professional, managerial, creative or media field where an articulate and driven character is a must.

In this way you can guarantee you’ll only meet people who are also well spoken and company-minded, just like yourself.

At Select Personal Introductions, we have a brilliant achievement rate. Each year we are approached by old members that have news of betrothals, weddings and births all thanks to our professional dating agencies.

We’re among the few introduction agency professionals in the North West of England, and the only professional concentrated dating agency to be ABIA controlled (Association of British Introduction Agencies) in the area. In addition, we are pleased to have ABIA Elected Council Member, Mr Alex Mellor-Brook, in charge of our dating consulting services.

If you are seeking a dating agency that you may trust, we ensure that we’ve your confidentiality and dignity at our core. We take your safety and security seriously also, for this reason all members have an identity check on registration.

Forget online profiles where individuals appear too wonderful to be accurate, all our members undergo comprehensive profiling.

Need to get started with Select Services? Great! The first action to take is give ourselves a call on 0161 872 3900 for a no obligation discussion on exactly what you’d like from a partner.

We can talk you through our membership costs and what you’ll receive for the money. Including, not only infinite personal introductions but, new holiday and action chances along with other dating gateways. We will be able to allow you to fulfil new professionals in a setting that you’re most comfortable with.

Once you’re registered our professional dating advisers and matchmakers will sit down together and look at your application alongside our other member portfolios to allow them to hand-pick other individuals suitable for introduction.

We’re among the few introduction agency professionals that take your individualism and exact desires into thought personally rather than relying on a computer, so get in contact!

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