5 Most Impressive First Dates

A first date could be the start of something special, so it’s great if you can make it a memorable experience.

There’s no doubt about it, first dates can be slightly awkward – even if you already know the person in a social sense. Turning your relationship dial up to the romance setting can leave your mouth dry, your forehead sweaty and your brain undeniably empty. It can also lead to difficult questions such as ‘what do I do with my hands?’

That’s why it’s useful to plan an activity for your first date. The best first dates allow you to get to know each other while providing something interesting to talk about when the conversation starts to dwindle. Need inspiration? Here are some of the most impressive first dates – some plucked from real life, others drawn from imagination.

1. In the great outdoors

Lucy and Adam saw each other every day on the underground, on the busy commute to the city. After a few months they started chatting about how they really hated confined spaces and longed to see a blade of grass. A few months down the line (and several stops along the tube), Adam proposed a day trip out of the city and into the great outdoors. Ironically, the date started at the same underground station, but soon progressed into greener pastures. Despite the fact that neither Adam nor Lucy had hiked in about a decade, they decided to give it a go. Halfway up the first hill it poured down and they ended up in the local pub, dripping wet but laughing hysterically.

2. Underwater

You met him at an experienced divers’ conference and got chatting between seminars. It turns out he lives nearby and frequents the same diving spots you love. Heading out for a dive together would be an interesting first date… asking him to meet you at the local shipwreck, 15 feet underwater would be incredible. Yes, this would take some planning, and probably a couple of diving buddies too; but imagine the fun you could have searching for one another beneath the waves. Plus, communicating with hand gestures alone would certainly provide something for you to do with your digits.

3. At the zoo

Contrary to popular belief the zoo isn’t just a place for children; if you’re a lover of all things wild, the zoo offers an exciting day’s activities with lots to look at and talk about. It’s the perfect place to provide an antidote to those awkward silences. Meerkat enclosure anyone?

4. Warming winter activities

During the colder months you might be tempted to stay inside, but winter offers its own unique style of magic for first dates. Peter and Jess from Manchester had a winter-themed first date without leaving the city.

“First we went to the Christmas markets for a spot of shopping. While we were there, we indulged in food-on-the-go in the form of German sausages and pancakes. We sampled cheeses, drank warming mulled wine and then went ice skating on the temporary city rink. It was really informal and great to have someone to share the special evening with. I remember feeling warm and happy beneath the twinkly fairy lights, even though I could see my breath it was that cold. Now, four years on, we celebrate the start of every festive season in the same way. It was a really special evening.”

5. Monkeying around

Not for the faint hearted, a high ropes course is an exhilarating way to spend your first date. Not only does this give you a chance to test the metal of your future partner, it also allows you to get up close and personal, breaking the barriers of physical contact naturally, as you help each other cross death-defying heights.

Remember, a first date is a chance to get to know someone – potentially someone you’ll be in contact with for a long time – so make it impressive… make it count!

Know of any spectacular first dates that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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