Fun In The Sun – The Ultimate Summer Date

When you’re getting to know someone, good weather can make all the difference; it opens up a wealth of possibilities for fun dates beneath the summer sun. That’s why the summertime is a great option for anyone embarking on a new relationship.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take inspiration from the following list of exciting options – and follow our tips on how to ensure your date runs smoothly…

Pack a picnic

A simple and effective option for a summertime date is so often overlooked by more extravagant acts of romance, but this is a wonderful way to get back to basics and really get talking one-on-one. The beauty of a picnic is that it can take place anywhere from an urban park or city-scape roof garden, to a middle-of-nowhere mountain or resort by the sea, depending of course on your hobbies and interests. And budget.

It’s difficult to spoil a picnic but if you’re planning one make sure you check the weather forecast – no one likes soggy sandwiches – and don’t forget to pack the necessary eating implements. It’s near-impossible (not to mention incredibly unattractive) to eat coleslaw and potato salad with your bare hands.

Outdoor festivals

If that special someone is a lover of music and art, an open-air music festival is a great summer date. If you’ve plenty of time to plan, you can’t beat Glastonbury for its top headliners (although some people may find this debatable), great festival food and totally surreal cultural experiences. If you’ve not so much time to plan, try a local festival instead. The bands might not be quite so famous but you’ll get a good giggle out of it – and a chance to don your best patterned wellies too.

Don’t feel like you you have to make too much of an effort – it’ll only stress you out. Festivals offer you the freedom to look slightly rough around the edges without worry; it’s all part of their charm. But remember; don’t sit to close to the portaloos.

Take in some tennis

What’s British summertime without Wimbledon? You’re unlikely to get a ticket for the main court at short notice (or without spending a fortune) but you can still enjoy yourself on a cheap-ish day ticket eating strawberries and cream in the sunshine, even if you’re not the typical sports fan.

Remember to buy tickets in advance for this one. You really don’t want to turn up at Wimbledon only to be turned away at the gate.

Beachside fun

The obvious option for a summer date is the beach. You can stroll along the pier, visit the penny arcades, catch crabs in rock pools, or simply lie upon the sand. The beauty of Britain is that we’re an island so you’re never more than a few hours’ drive from a coastline.

The bad point? It’s rarely warm enough to swim in the sea here so you might want to stick to paddling. Pneumonia isn’t a good look.
So whatever your plans for the summer, get outside and make your date in the warm weather.

Got any tips you’d like to add to the list? We would love to hear them, so why not add them in the comments section below?

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