How To Tell You’re Falling In Love

Is there anything more exciting than that first flush of love? Realising that you’re falling for someone can be wonderful – but it can also be a little scary. And, all too often, you don’t even know that it’s happening! The signs can often be incredibly subtle and this can mean that you give up on something too soon… there is such a thing as a slow burner, remember!

But to help you work out if what you’re feeling is love or if you’re just in like (everyone’s worst nightmare!), here are some of the more common signs that you’re about to go head over heels. How many of these can you check off right now?

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This is a terrible affliction – and one that friends and family members come to hate quite quickly! Do you find yourself constantly mentioning the person you’ve been seeing, even when there’s no real reason to bring them into the conversation? Then we’re afraid you’ve come down with a terrible case of mentionitis – and it looks like love could be on the horizon!

Future plans are being made

We’re not talking about what you’re going to do next Friday night (although that is, of course, an important consideration, as well).

It’s a surefire sign that you’re starting to fall in love if you can’t stop making plans in your head about your future together, you’re imagining your wedding day, you can see yourself having children with them… and if you’re talking about these ideas with your partner, then even better as it means they’re starting to fall too!

No one else catches your eye

Attractive people are everywhere, but if you’ve stopped noticing them as you go about your daily business, or have stopped swiping on those dating apps, it’s a serious sign that you’ve found the potential partner of your dreams… and your heart is telling you to only have eyes for them.

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You’re overthinking!

This is a biggie! If you’re constantly replaying conversations over and over in your head, analysing their text messages, panicking that they haven’t been in touch for a while, stressing out over what to wear and how good your hair is, then it’s highly likely that love is in the air.

It just feels right

Dating is incredibly hard work and it can really take its toll on your heart… so if you’re suddenly not worried about being ghosted and you’re not concerned about being your real and genuine self in front of them, it’s a really good sign that love is just around the corner. Being in love should make you feel secure and happy, with absence of doubt, worry and fear – so if you’re feeling like this right now, then you’re in luck! It sounds like you’re in love!

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