I love a coffee tête à tête

Okay, so I was having a sneaky coffee break away from work. It was a bright, sunny day and I just felt this great urge to get out there and socialise with a few coffee mates. I can justify it… honest. Hence, this blog.

Whilst sat there with my frothy friend and a very desirable chocolate twist; I took a quick look at the people milling around (being nosy really), although I much prefer to call it “people watching.” 

I happened to notice a delightful looking lady, she kind of stood out from the crowd. Perhaps this was because she was the only person without the latest ‘must have’ gadgets and firing on all four cylinders over “business brunch.”

She sat there in the “comfy corner”, quiet and serene. She looked positively pristine!

Hair and make-up was immaculately executed, nails perfectly manicured, clothes smart yet femininely casual with the odd bit of carefully thought out jewellery. I couldn’t help but wonder why she was alone. Was she meeting someone special? Maybe she was single and liked it that way!

Well, I have to admit that curiosity was getting the better of me when in walked this very handsome chap, and in every way as smart. He walked straight over to ‘my mystery lady’ and gently put his arm around her waist and ever so delicately ‘whisper kissed’ her cheek in readiness for their coffee tête à tête.  Alright, alright, it’s all getting a bit Mills n Boon, I know, but be thankful I haven’t gone as far as Fifty Shades of Grey!

It was just great to see how her face lit up the entire place, she was brimming over with excitement to see him and was practically ‘schoolgirl giddy’ – love was definitely in the air!

It’s so refreshing to know that love is still blossoming out there, despite most of us being over-worked and tirelessly juggling our daily commitments. Moments of romance are never far from our thoughts and help for the over-worked and over-stretched is out there and that’s why I love my job as ‘matchmaker’ for Select Personal Introductions.

As for sneaking out for another coffee, that might be a bit tricky – the boss is in!

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