Impress your Date

IMPRESS YOUR DATE…and you have just 12 short minutes to make that first impression a favourable one!

Recent research, carried out by AXA, concludes that we are judged on smile, eye contact and tone of voice. Body odour has been found to be the most off putting element when meeting someone for the first time closely followed by bad breath and swearing is a total turn off!

Apparently, the judgement process starts before we even meet face to face, by viewing our intended date on Facebook and Twitter.

The survey found that up to a quarter of people will make drastic changes to their appearance in order to impress a new person on a first date.

A new hairdo, perfume manicure etc are favourites with women whereas one fifth of men will grow designer stubble to impress (ugh – scratchy).

Donna Dawson, a leading psychologist, says that it is the little things which count in getting ahead in the dating game. Good personal hygiene and fresh breath show not only self respect, but also respect and consideration for others.

Wearing smart but comfortable clothing helps us to relax which leads to confidence in providing that vital first impression.

Eye contact displays sincerity, trustworthiness and an interest in others; creates an atmosphere of friendly warmth; puts others at ease and leads to a much more open and positive interaction between two people.

A warm, sincere and friendly smile (which doesn’t display blackened or smoked stained dirty teeth) can be the most important initial greeting and ice breaker, even if you are nervous. The impact of this will last way beyond those first nervous moments because the most favourable impression you could generate, has already been achieved. Thus, a successful FIRST IMPRESSION is far more likely to lead to further meetings (if you so wish).

So – to summarise:-
Make eye contact.
Have fresh smelling breath.
Have a good tone of voice.
Wear smart comfortable clothes.

Body odour
Bad breath
Scruffy clothes
Not smiling

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