Personal Introduction Agency versus Internet Dating!

Let’s start with Internet Dating –


woman+computer+frustrated3If that is what you call spending your valuable ‘me’ time, sitting at a computer trawling through pages of photos and details. You might even find a profile which fits the bill but then you have to hope that the other person has written the truth about themselves. Men love to gain a couple of inches in height, women suddenly drop a dress size or three, and we all like to knock a few years off our age. Is your profile and photograph attractive enough to encourage the opposite sex to contact you? The usual answer, NO. This is where it can quickly unravel.  How do other people perceive us? Probably a lot differently than we perceive ourselves and it is this perception which determines the success or failure of any on-line dating venture.


Yes, if you have the time to spare and you are happy to do all the work but, you get what you pay for. You might be able to view all your ‘compatible’ matches for free but YOU HAVE TO PAY TO CONTACT THEM! The reality – nothing is free!

On-line Dating Seduction

When an on-line dating site states that they match you on the deepest levels of Intellect, Character and Values, they mean a COMPUTER matches you. The only human input is you, the individual entering details on a profile form. The computer generates matches according to those details whether they are true or false and that is what they call a COMPATIBLE MATCH.

Profiles and Compatibility Questionnaires

As we all know, any articulate and intelligent person can provide answers which will make them seem more appealing and to be apparently looking for a deeply meaningful lasting relationship. It’s a personal promotional sales pitch of the kind that many people use from time to time throughout their lives to get what they want – it isn’t real! That’s why Sir Alan Sugar has his hench men and women to grill his “Apprentice” candidates – they always lie on their CVs.


On-line dating is unregulated. People can be who or whatever they wish to be, nobody monitors memberships other than to make sure you have paid and there is no one to contact for help when it all goes wrong.

The Dating Agency

Select Personal Introductions Agency

For many years Select Personal Introductions has built a strong reputation of introducing successful and intelligent people to other professional life partners. Whether you are just climbing the first rungs of your professional career or enjoying the well-deserved fruits of hard work and success, Select Personal Introductions can help you find your ideal match. We believe that every relationship is unique and so our professional dating consultants provide ongoing individual and personal assistance throughout your membership.


Our members are introduced by experienced dating consultants – never by computers and when we make a new personal introduction, our personal matching consultants examine all your requirements in conjunction with other member portfolios.

Our Consultants

Our relationship consultants and the matching team meet to discuss individual memberships, taking into account personality, interests, the kind of person you would like to meet, and crucial characteristics derived from our unique personality profiling questionnaire i.e. shared values, opinions and expectations. This helps in developing a strong, long lasting relationship and alongside our unique feedback system we are able to monitor your individual progress.

Regulated Agency

Select Personal Introductions is the only registered agency within the Association of British Introductions Agencies with members from the Northwest and surrounding areas, aimed at people of the professions and providing you with a guaranteed quality service by using a unique matching process.


Safety is a MUST and our membership guidelines have been formatted exclusively by the Greater Manchester Police.  Select Personal Introductions is regulated through membership of the Association of British Introduction Agencies and Data Protected – all information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Valuable Agency Contact

Our committed customer care team is available to answer any questions you might have about your Select Personal Introductions membership. Our services team are highly trained and ready to take your call on 0161 872 3900 so whether you simply want advice, information or support, we are always happy to help.

The Fee

Naturally, this type of service is to be looked at as making a genuine investment in your future and with everyone paying the premium, they all have the same desire – to be in a long-lasting, loving relationship.


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