Pink Flags? What Are They?

We all know what red flags are in a relationship and we’ve blogged about the different green flags to really keep an eye out for before… but what about pink flags? What are those and how can paying attention to them help you find the next big love of your life?

The start of a relationship is, of course, a very exciting time and it’s amazing when you do find a real connection with someone and enjoy spending more and more time with them. There’s no buzz quite like it! 

But the start of a relationship is also a very tentative time and even the smallest of things can make you think twice about someone… often without proper cause. These are pink flags and it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for them, because they could trip you up if you’re not careful.

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If you come across a pink flag and start worrying about it, questioning the person you’re now with and thinking that perhaps it could be a deal-breaker for you, our top tip is to sit down and communicate how you’re feeling. 

Chances are that there’s a very good reason why someone is behaving the way they are or doing things the way they do – and this reason could allay all your fears in one fell swoop. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know… and you could end up prematurely closing the door on someone who was perfect for you all along.

Once you’ve asked the question, it’s important for you to feel reassured by their response, however… otherwise it’s certain that this pink flag will be raised again in the future – and it might even be a bit closer to red next time.

Examples of pink flags include a lack of physical intimacy or touching, different social habits and a lack of communication, although of course there are lots, lots more. 

The majority of them, however, can usually be resolved quite quickly through open and honest communication… so don’t be afraid to sit down and talk through how you’re feeling. It could make all the difference!

And there’s one key benefit that cannot be overlooked by keeping a weather eye open for pink flags… you and your partner will achieve a greater level of intimacy thanks to all the talking you’ve been doing. 

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Opening up is a wonderful way to show someone you love, trust and respect them… and being more intimate in this way is sure to have amazing knock-on effects for other aspects of your relationship.

Pink flags also serve another great purpose… they let you know what you want and what is really important to you. It can be very easy to get caught up in all the thrill and excitement of a new partner and, yes, it’s true – those first few months, the honeymoon period, are always an amazing blur of fun.

But it’s also easy to be blinded by all the unbridled romance, where you don’t focus enough on whether or not the person in front of you has the potential for a long-term affair. 

Pink flags can help bring you back down to earth (hopefully without too much of a bump), showing you whether you want to continue working at the relationship that’s blossoming in front of you or whether you’re just not as invested as you thought you were.

If you need any help spotting these pink flags (or red or green ones for that matter, as well), get in touch with the Select Personal Introductions today to discuss dating in Lancashire and beyond!

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