Sober Dating: 6 Top Tips

With Dry January now upon us, no doubt many of you out there are wondering just how on earth you’re going to pluck up the courage to go on all those wonderful first dates without a bit of Dutch courage backing you up.

But don’t let fear get in the way of you hitting your sobriety goals this month. It’s certainly possible to date while sober and, in fact, you might well find that you actually enjoy it even more than those meet-ups you’ve been on where the wine and beer have flowed abundantly.

Just in case you are a little nervous about the whole sober dating thing, however, we’ve put together a few little hints and tips to help you get to grips with it, ensuring you can date with confidence without having to rely on alcohol as your wingman.

Good luck out there – and make sure you get in touch with the team here at the Select Personal Introductions dating agency to let us know how your dates are going!

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Be upfront from the outset

Make sure that you let your date know that you don’t drink before you meet up so they know what to expect and so you can plan a date that doesn’t have to revolve around drinking.

Yes, first dates are often a meet-up at a bar or pub, but flip that on its head by going for a coffee and a stroll around a local park, or what about looking to see what sober activities there are in your local area? You might be surprised by what you discover that you might not have come across if drinking was on the agenda.

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Try using a professional matchmaker

Dating apps are all very well and good from a convenience perspective but it can be very tricky to find meaningful and lasting connections when the next date is simply a swipe away. And it can be even harder to date using apps when you’re sober or trying to cut back on the amount you drink and looking for someone with the same viewpoint.

This is where a professional matchmaker can really come into its own, however, because they will look through their portfolio of clients and partner you up with someone whose goals, values and ambitions truly tally up with you. So no more wasting time on people who aren’t right for you… perfection!

Find your favourite mocktails

Enjoying a drink doesn’t mean you have to throw alcohol into the mix at all. Mixologists these days really know their stuff and mocktails can be just as delicious as cocktails – more so, in fact, since you’re sure to remember just how tasty they all were in the morning!

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