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Summer is finally here, the ‘unofficial’ dating season can now begin.  At work, an eagerness to break out of the office sweeps over every desk. Evening jogs replace the dull agony of the treadmill. Evening strolls in tiny tops and shorts replace the mad dash from car to office with umbrella in hand!

We are all baring a bit more flesh and the signal for love is out there for all to see. The long bronzed legs delicately dipped in high heels emphasise a woman’s sexy curves, appealing to men everywhere and the brawn of the Godlike hunk having been unveiled for the first time since Winter is positively mind blowing with motivating interest!  It’s no wonder that we keep catching each other taking sneaky side glances at the opposite sex as they walk on by!

So how can you attract a partner?Louise Young, relationship expert for Northwest based, Select Personal Introductions, believes that there are key elements that turn on or turn off your chances of success with the opposite sex and says, “Most of the time we are unaware of exactly what messages our gestures, posture and expressions are giving away during our first encounter with the opposite sex. Many key areas come under scrutiny at this time, playing an important role in the pursuit of Mr or Miss Right.”

Smile: Never underestimate the power of your smile. Smiles improve your appearance and there is nothing more welcoming to the opposite sex. A smile creates trust and rapport and is a great way of establishing mutual feelings of being on the same level as others. Your eyes light up, twinkle, and reflect your happiness. Women can’t help but fall for the flawless smile with the thick jaw. And men can’t help but fall for the angelic, sweet, and soft smile complemented by bright eyes and great skin.

Voice: The accent, sound, tone and volume of a voice play an all important part when attracting the opposite sex.  A man is more a man when he sounds like one. It seems a deep voice is even more appealing than a good physique or an attractive face. A woman’s soft, feminine, low toned, gentle voice works like magic on men. Your voice is the gateway to your personality. It is used to express your thoughts and ideas, so use it wisely to attract others.

Body: In a world that focuses on image, body perfect is a real pressure for both men and women. For men, the obsession with working out and building muscles is not only about maintaining health but is triggered by the primary fact that 6 packs on a man is a definite babe magnet. The idea behind it is that women are attracted to men that look strong, powerful, and macho. As for women, a well toned, hour glass figure is not only attractive for men, but is craved. Actresses like MariIyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci, and Scarlett Johansson are not only appreciated by men for their acting skills. When a man looks into your eyes, or stares at your lips, breasts or some other parts of your body, the power of attraction has already begun.

Walk: Men are attracted to women that act in a feminine way and women are attracted to men that seem strong. The way a woman walks says a lot about her. To attract you need to be making a statement through your walk. You should walk gracefully, elegantly and with confidence – stay away from heels that you clearly can’t walk in.  As for men they need to walk like gladiators to affirm their manliness. He needs to stand out in a crowd, catch your eyes and mesmerise.

Your body language is connected to your attitude and confidence. We all know, that people communicate with each other on multiple levels. What we actually say is just 7% of our communication. The majority of communication is done with body language, vocal tones, vocal pitch, movement, and gestures. Body language includes: pitch of voice, tonality, speed, how you walk, the way you carry yourself through the world, eye contact and how fast you move. Remembering the points above will enhance your chances of making the right impression with your next romantic encounter.

If love just isn’t happening for you…

Exclusive introduction agencies like Select Personal Introductions, established 1997, with years of experience when it comes to the idiosyncrasies of dating and relationships can help you. If your social position prevents you from meeting other single, articulate people then choosing a professional premier introduction agency might just be your key to success.  A simple telephone call could be all that it takes to set you on the right path to an exciting new relationship.

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