The Association of British Introduction Agencies – ‘Announcement’

Mr Alex Mellor-Brook of Manchester based Select Personal Introductions, Association of British Introduction Agencieson the 19th May was newly appointed as Secretary for the dating industry watchdog – The Association of British Introduction Agencies (A.B.I.A).

Mr Alex Mellor-Brook is pleased to take on the role after serving on the Council as Development Officer (UK) for 10 years, where his role was concentrated on developing the presence of the A.B.I.A. throughout the UK. His new role involves the agenda, public relations, dealing with the press, TV and Radio and consumer related legislation. He will be liaising with officials and offering legal and specialist advice.

Heather Heber-Percy (Chair of the A.B.I.A) says “Since 1981, the shape of dating has changed and the Internet has brought more choice, but with such huge choice also comes the challenge of maintaining quality and fairness in the face of the sometimes ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ philosophy of some hopeful entrepreneurs. It is a sad fact that many non member agencies are questionable. It is not so much through lack of integrity but through a lack of resources and commercial acumen.”

Alex Mellor-brook says “Since the start of the recession, the industry has been plagued by a 50% growth of short lived agencies whose founders expect rich returns from poorly researched and funded businesses, with many lasting no longer than a few months or even short weeks.  The dating industry watchdog helps to regulate agencies and also offers advice and information to the consumer”.

Select Personal Introductions, established 1997, is a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies and is the only A.B.I.A regulated traditional dating agency in the Northwest and surrounding areas which is dedicated to people of the professions.

For further information please call Alex Mellor-Brook on 0161 872 3900.

Select Personal Introductions, 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY.

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