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For many years Select Personal Introductions, the Northwest’s leading introductions agency for single, articulate people has built a strong reputation of introducing successful and intelligent people to other professional life partners and so we wanted to share with you a few of our May success stories.

What our members tell us…

Sara, a community nurse, age 47
Met David, a lawyer, age 55 on the 26th May 2011. Her first impression of David was that he had excellent dress sense and great manners.  He was sophisticated, intelligent and attractive. All in all Sara described him as considerate, well mannered, thoughtful and good company. Sara said, “Not sure about meeting anyone else yet – have arranged to meet again.  I don’t want to suspend my membership quite yet – am amazed to meet someone I like so much on the first introduction.” We anticipate a long and happy relationship ahead.

Alexandra, a radiographer, age 29
Met John, a solicitor, age 34 on the 8th May 2011.  Alexandra said “John is a very confident person and very easy to talk to. Although I was not attracted towards him, I did like his personality and out of all my introductions through Select, he has been my favourite, ticking many of my boxes. I really enjoyed the date.” Alexandra has continued to see John and a close friendship is developing.

Richard, an I.T. consultant, age 31
Met Mary, HR manager, age 34 on the 28th May 2011. He thought that she was a great conversationalist with very good dress sense and he was attracted to her instantly. She had great likeability with a lovely personality and the intelligence to go with it. When asked what he liked most about Mary, Richard told us Her intelligence, sense of humour, she was sharp, engaging and good company.” Romance has really started to blossom.

Susan, a general manager, age 361751795
Met James, a technical engineer, age 40 on the 16th May 2011 and spent three hours together on their first date. Susan said “He was very easy to talk to – so much so we could have sat for a few more hours chatting – it just felt very natural and I got the feeling that James felt the same too.” When asked if there was anything she disliked about James, she said “NOTHING!”  We are delighted that their relationship is going strong.

Our dedicated matching team receive thank you letters practically every day and updates from ex members who have established long and happy relationships.  You too could meet your perfect match with the help of our specialist dating team. For more information about our personal dating service please call Select Personal Introductions today on 01618723900.

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