The Truth about Online Dating

Members of Select Personal Introductions who have tried onlineimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ22XQJt9tHhPtM 5s zOsWNwXY PlMk 3s00 Wek1kiuen3U7k dating in the past often say that they regularly came across 30 year old women getting hit on by 50 year old men and younger men are often hit on by older women – very many profiles received or sent lead to nothing. Gents date visually so photos are a MUST and they often refer to the women using these sites as ‘up for it’. Despite how online sites try to market themselves, they are what they are – impersonal and an easy way to serial date. 

Safety can be an issue. Remember, you’re dealing with total strangers and it is so easy to unwittingly reveal personal information when communicating online.

It is not easy contacting dating sites when in need of assistance should something go wrong. The human element is absent.

It is common for online daters to misrepresent themselves, particularly in their appearance, social and economic status, or, in some cases, age and gender. You never know who you are really talking to until you meet them and see them for who they really are and by that time, it may be too late.

There are many “questionable” people online. Many who aren’t searching seriously for someone and their intentions are not “honourable.” It might also be easier to find these people than the ones you are actually looking for.

Photos can be out-of-date or give an inaccurate representation. Exchanging photos is an integral part of online dating if you are to receive any response to your profile. However, it also means that your friends, family and work colleagues could easily find out that you’re using dating sites. Beware if you are in the education sector– pupils and students can gain access too. It would be unfortunate if your photo was to be displayed inappropriately offline.

Dishonesty abounds – made up profiles, exaggerated claims, married people posing as single and much more – It is estimated that 1 in 5 of online daters are married men. It is the ultimate place for being whoever you want to be as identity is not verified.

Profiles can be false or partially false as some people attempt to make themselves sound appealing to others and take it to extremes. It is all down to you to ‘sell yourself’.

Chemistry can not be determined online.

It is a struggle to keep up with online dating, it is so time consuming and involves ruthless organisation. You have to know who you are dating and on which night, then practically skim read your recent emails. People who try internet dating don’t last very long. They go on a handful of dates and quickly become tired and disillusioned.

Remember ladies, REAL MEN don’t hide behind emails. People with communication problems or inferiority complexes often do.

Although it may appear inexpensive up front, the cost of going on numerous poorly matched dates adds up fast. Some Internet dating sites do charge far too much money and some will not allow you to view the profiles of other people until you become a member and pay the fees.

You can spend hours glued to a computer screen, while missing out on numerous other opportunities to get out and meet someone real. Online dating is time-consuming and after hours of emailing and chatting with people, you may find that they are in fact, not looking for a relationship after all or simply just stop replying to you when you try to meet up.

The nature of Internet Dating means that you do not know anything about the person you are emailing – what they look or sound like or anything about their personality. Remember, reality can often be dramatically different than the individual profiles so don’t be surprised if some people you chat with then refuse to meet you in person.


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