What Does a Matchmaker Do?

What Does a Matchmaker Do?

A traditional matchmaker does many things in order to ensure
match maker that their clients are given the best matches. From screening clients to interviewing them and then, of course, introducing them a matchmaker oversees the progress personally and is employed as much for their good judgement as their valuable time.

Introduction agencies are entirely different to the more common and popular dating sites like match.com. Firstly the screening process is completed by human beings who have experience in reading people and who know what to ask and what to look for. It also generally discourages those who aren’t serious about dating and relationships. Online websites do not “screen” as such, apart from checking a basic criteria, and the process is completed without an interview meaning that the possibility of untruths slipping through are much higher. It also encourages people who want more casual dating. When you deal with a traditional agency you can be sure that anyone you meet will be a more reliable match.

Professional dating agencies will also take into account things like religion, culture and income if you should so wish, thereby ensuring that you don’t clash in views or expectations. With a traditional matchmaking service you are essentially paying for the experience of the matchmakers themselves and their knowledge of their business which is, after all, people. A good matchmaker will do all the hard work of trawling through potential partners for you and discount those who are incompatible without the need for you to go on one hundred unsuccessful dates! The value of this is, we think, obvious.

A matchmaker, in the traditional sense, puts the personal element back into the world of arranged dating and will look after you as their client. Their service fees vary but few are very cheap; this might be daunting but remember you are paying someone to find you love and, thereby, happiness. Some might see this as the most worthy expense but, in the end, you must decide for yourself.

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