11 Dating Tips – The Do’s & Dont’s In The Early Stages

11 Dating Tips – The Dos & Dont’s In The Early Stages 

Dating can feel a little daunting, especially if you’re not in good practice. If you could do with some advice, then take a look at these 11 dating tips and explore the dos and dont’s in the early stages.

Do Put Your Mobile Phone Away  

When dating, it’s important to be present and in the moment. Try not to constantly check your phone or browse through your social media apps while in the early stages of dating as you don’t want to appear disinterested in the other person, or like you have somewhere better to be!

Don’t Dwell On Your Past Relationships

Ok so avoiding talking about your past relationships all together may prove to be impossible.  However, during the first date or two, you should try not to dwell on your past relationships. Instead, keep things light by getting to know the other person’s interests and vice versa, after all, they’re dating you not your ex!

Do Ask Questions (and be interested in the answers)

During the early stages, you must ask plenty of thoughtful questions and are genuinely interested in your date’s answers. By being mindful and listening, it’s easy to create a more relaxed environment to share your interests rather than feeling under any pressure or playing 21 questions.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Hey, if the chemistry isn’t there then it just isn’t there – it really isn’t anybody’s fault, and it’s important to acknowledge this rather than trying too hard and being forceful. Whether it leads to something more or not, dating is a valuable experience and can help you to discover what you’re looking for in a relationship. So stay calm, enjoy yourself, and thank them for their time. 

Do Be Punctual

Waiting for a late date can be pretty awkward, as you sit there contemplating the idea that you may have been stood up. Try to be punctual, especially during the early stages of dating, and avoid making your date feel self-conscious or with a negative first impression.

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

Confidence is attractive, but boasting is not. Remember the early stages of dating is all about getting to know each other equally as well, so don’t just talk about yourself the whole time. Try to share the conversation and reveal bits about yourself organically rather than coming across as overwhelming or a little too self-involved. 

Do Be Honest With Your Date

If a relationship is to blossom, then it’s really important that you’re honest with your date and don’t try to keep up an impression that isn’t entirely true. This can be easy to do sometimes, without meaning to be misleading, due to impressions made online or in text. However, when in the early stages, be honest about who you are and what you’re about. If it isn’t a match, it’s better for you to recognise this sooner rather than later.

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

As mentioned, when dating, you should be present and in the moment. Try not to get carried away or ahead of yourself with future expectations and just enjoy the date! 

Do Try Something New

Have fun in the early stages and try something new for that all-important first date. You don’t always need to date over food and drink in the evening, why not hang out in the day and do a fun activity, like taking a nice stroll, exploring a gallery or playing a game of mini-golf. 

Don’t Underdress

It’s crucial that you feel comfortable in yourself when dating and confident in your appearance. This doesn’t mean you have to dress super-flashy or formal, but you must look presentable and in-line with the chosen venue or activity, so do your research and don’t underdress! To help you, Psychology Today examined hundreds of dates and discovered that we prefer to wear certain colours when meeting a potential partner.

Do Make Sure You’re Comfortable (and have fun!)

Nobody is perfect, and there is no secret ingredient to ensure a successful date but following some easy dating tips can really help. However, the main thing is that you’re both comfortable and having fun. Try not to stress too much over the little things or how you’re coming across and just be you!

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