Dating and what your clothes say about you

What your clothes say about you on your first few dates –

Deciding what to wear on a first date is an area where many become unstuck.  People tend 9k=to buy new clothes anticipating what will impress the other person; often ending up looking like they tried far too hard or simply not really giving an accurate portrayal of themselves.  Others end up looking too high maintenance or too eager to impress.  Some women feel the need to look seductive and end up flashing a little too much flesh which can wreak of desperation or give a false impression of their true intentions.  There is definitely an art to finding the right outfit for early dates.

Firstly, don’t even think about buying new clothes for it. Brand new clothes are identifiable a mile off, and it will simply make your date wonder why you are trying so desperately hard.  New clothes can also feel uncomfortable and strange, which will not serve to put you at ease at all.  By wearing something you already own and feel comfortable in you will be asserting an air of confidence.

It is also important that you show your natural style.  If you tend to be a very casual dresser then dressing up to the nines for the first few dates before adopting your usual laid back style (while comfortable) will only cause friction and confusion in the relationship.  On the other hand, if style is important to you then it is important to portray this in the early dates.  Going too casual will make it look as if you haven’t made any effort at all and that may not put you in the right light.  You need to look like you have made enough effort without compromising your usual look and without looking like you have hired a stylist just for the night.

For a man a casual suit is a good choice.  If you are going on a dinner date to a restaurant that requires a necktie, then you have little choice but on the whole I would say only wear a tie if it is something you tend to do socially.  Opt for colours that you tend to wear and display a little of your personality without looking garish or over the top.  Steer away from colours that you tend to wear for work, and wear something that suits your colouring.

For women a fitted dress is a good choice, choose something that flatters the figure and makes you feel confident and comfortable.  Be vigilant of skirt lengths and ideally go for something around knee length.  Keep your neckline flattering and not too revealing and never combine a low neckline and short hem line.  Make sure you choose underwear that shapes your figure and accentuates your curves.  Go for colours that portray your personality.  Red is often associated with seduction, but that doesn’t rule it out completely.  If it’s a colour that you tend to wear then it will make you feel confident and alluring.  First dates are not the time to try out new colours, stick with what makes you feel like you.  The same goes for hair and makeup; keep it simple, elegant and refined.  A good rule of thumb is to dress like you would for a dinner date with a friend.

All in all, the key to dressing for first dates is to focus on looking like you.  Avoid being a caricature of yourself or trying to dress in manner that you assume will impress your date.  You can express a lot of your personality through your wardrobe, and this is important.  Whatever you wear, a relaxed smile and your personality are the most attractive qualities and it is these attributes that will ultimately seduce your new date.

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