Love & New Year’s resolutions

With New Year’s resolutions still fresh on the minds of many Brits, one that often tops the list is LOVE – or at the very least securing a few POSITIVE DATES.

Couple kissing on New Year

In the world of dating, the New Year marks the dating industry’s high-season, with a sudden spike in membership numbers.

Over 60% of singles say their resolution is related to love. During the holiday season, people tend to reflect on the past year and are inclined to re-evaluate their love strategies so as to avoid re-living relationship mistakes and disappointing meaningless dates. Select Personal Introductions (an offline exclusive agency for professionals), increases its marketing over this period making it the number one hot spot for new members.

Julie Pemberton, relationship counsellor at Select Personal Introductions says, “We want to encourage singles not to dwell on the past but to be proactive about finding love in the future. Sometimes, we wrongly blame ourselves for any failing in the love stratosphere, with over self-analysis and unwarranted self-criticism steering our path to love dread, but so often it can just simply be down to circumstances. At Select we find that singles want a fresh new start in the New Year and this is the most popular time for them to put their best foot forward, feeling more positive about themselves and determined to have an open mind in the search for their special love match.”

It’s obvious that the holiday season brings people home and closer together. ‘Singles’ see the family gatherings bringing love to the forefront of their minds. Trying to avoid the questions, “Why are you single?” and “What are you doing about this?” is a constant reminder that time is ticking!

Jody, a 32 year old Director for Government and a past member of Select says “I wanted a dating experience that was more personal and so I joined Select Personal Introductions, New Year 2012. I had been in a relationship for two years but it was well and truly dead in the water and I knew it was not for keeps and I think he did too.  Over this last year my love life has taken an incredible boost.  I met Tony, a 35 year old recruitment executive from Lancashire last January and we spent New Year 2013 in the centre of Valencia watching the fantastic fireworks together.  I feel exceptionally lucky and I am so glad that I joined a reputable dating agency like Select.”

If you have got a New Year’s resolution to get serious about meeting somebody then it’s time that you joined a dating agency that’s serious about it too! A simple phone call could transform your love life!

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