Professionals dating professionals: Why dating another professional makes sense

Professionals dating professionals: Why dating another professional makes sense

In the world of dating and relationshipsman mediumlarge those all familiar little clichés that variety is the spice of life and opposites attract do seem to carry some weight.  Many of us are drawn to those who are physically different to us or have polar-opposite personalities.  When it comes to professions, careers and how important your professional life is to you; evidence shows that it may be worth your while finding someone on the same wave length.

Whether you hold a managerial position or other high ranking professional status; your motivation, single mindedness, drive and attention to detail will have paved the way for your successful career.  By dating another professional you can rest assured that you have found someone who shares your unique personality.  We all know that to really succeed at your career you need to give it time, attention and devotion.  Your working hours will be long, arduous and rarely will fit neatly into a little Monday to Friday 9-5 capsule.  You don’t want a relationship that compromises this, you don’t need to explain yourself or apologise to someone who can’t fathom why you need to work so late.  Only another professional can truly appreciate just how time poor you really are.  If you have to cancel a dinner date at the last minute because you are tied up at the office; or cut a date short because you have a very early morning commute the next day; then only a professional will really understand this.  Those with fewer demands professionally may struggle to understand how vital this is, and will feel neglected, rejected and despondent because of your behaviour.

Another important benefit of dating another professional is that you are more likely to enjoy relatively equal salaries.  Financial differences can be one of the main reasons that relationships don’t work, or that couples struggle to stack up many dates.  A certain level of income accustoms people to a particular lifestyle and will affect their choices of restaurant, bar and recreational activity.  These days it is usual for newly dating couples to split the bill equally, which is much easier to do if the couple are on a similar income.

If the relationship progresses beyond a couple of dates, then the differences between the two of you will become more apparent.  If you decide to take things further, then professional and financial differences could cause unnecessary conflict.

Professionals who date professionals have experienced a greater depth of understanding and found that relationships often thrive better because of shared experiences, a mutual commitment to their individual careers and their determination that they both benefit from which has accommodated their professional lives.

It makes sense to date another professional, but due to work devouring so much of your lives it can be hard to meet other professionals.  It is advisable to avoid those who we work with, as office romances can compromise professionalism.  One of the best solutions is to sign up to a bespoke introductions agency that caters for professional singles.  An exclusive dating agency regulated through membership of the Association of British Introduction Agencies (A.B.I.A) will be able to cater for your individual needs and ensure that you are introduced to people who have a similar level of devotion to their career, share your education, lifestyle and intelligence and are also motivated, articulate high achievers with little free time.

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