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Virtual dating is the new going out!

Virtual dating advice and date tips to help set up your video dates correctly from best lens position, flattering lighting & choice of clothes.

Have you tried it yet? Like many things that are new, it may seem a little strange at first. But during lockdown people have taken to the internet in their droves to socialise with friends and family, using platforms like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, and so on. So why not for dating?

There are some things to bear in mind, however, if you want to make the best impression – and who doesn’t? So here are some top date tips and virtual dating advice we share with our clients.

Virtual Dating Advice:

  1. Lens position

Whether it’s the lens on your laptop, phone, or iPad, beware the pitfalls of having it below your eye line. Have you noticed how it feels and appears when someone is literally ‘looking down’ on you when speaking online? And it’s not the most flattering angle to present yourself at, causing your body to look distorted and larger than it is due to its relative proximity to the camera lens. So make sure your device is raised on books so you’re making great eye contact. And if you’re using your phone, find a way to prop it up; holding it, however steadily, can make your date feel queasy after a while!

  1. Move back!

Ensure the camera isn’t too close – at least one and a half arm’s length away. Have you noticed when you take a selfie (go on, you do, don’t you!) you never quite look your best? That’s because your arm can’t get your phone far enough away to prevent your most prominent facial features from looking larger than they are – so your nose and perhaps your chin, then! In fact, they can look as much as 30% larger – probably not what you want.

  1. Lighting

It usually works best to have even light across your face, so experiment with where you’ll sit for your virtual date. Facing a light source is likely to give you the best result. Light falling unevenly on your face from the side can create all manner of shadows that can make you look tired and older than you are.

  1. Think ‘top half’

What you choose to wear should take into account that you will most likely only be seen from the waist up (the newsreader effect). Choose clothes in colours that lift your complexion and with a neckline you know suits you. A drab, old t-shirt might be what you’re most comfortable in but this is a date. Dress as you would for a ‘proper’ face-to-face date. Show your date you’ve made a bit of an effort. They’ll be flattered.

  1. Background

Do a thorough check of what’s in the background before you ‘go live’. You may be oblivious to the mess in the corner of the room but your date could find it distracting. There’s no need to create a false impression (displaying The Complete Works of Shakespeare when you’d rather read The X Files), but yesterday’s washing on the radiator would be doing you a disservice. People do notice what’s in view; it gives them hints about you, so make sure it says what you want it to.

  1. Hair and make-up

Gentlemen, the latter is your choice, of course, but we recommend everyone presents him/herself as you would for a face-to-face date. Unfortunately, in these lockdown times where hairdressing salons and barbers are closed for business, our hair is not likely to be at its most groomed. But clean hair is a must. As for make-up, it’s worth trying beforehand to see if the light in your room drains or distorts your colour, depending upon the type of light bulbs you have. Perhaps Skype a friend the day before to test out whether you might prefer a little more or less make-up – you’ll be able to see yourself in the corner of the screen so take the opportunity to assess the situation.

And on the subject of being able to see yourself in the corner of the screen, resist the urge to keep looking at yourself – your date will see your eyes looking away and will feel you aren’t fully engaged.

  1. Smile!

A warm, engaging smile lights up any face. We recommend you try this beforehand – smile, turn to look into a mirror, and notice if your smile looks warm and enthusiastic or a bit weak. We often think our expressions are more animated and engaging than they actually are!

  1. Moderate your drinking

If you’re ‘meeting’ for cocktail hour and alcohol is involved, manage your intake. Nerves can lead to over-indulgence and give an impression you’d rather not.

It’s definitely worth preparing in advance by considering all our virtual dating advice. If you know you’re making the best impression physically, you’ll then feel more confident to concentrate on enjoying your date. Have fun!

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