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Dating turn offs

BAD BREATH, LOOKING FAT AND FASHION DISASTERS are among the latest fears and predate worries for us all. This has been ‘recently discovered’ by yet another dating guru. QUELLE SURPRISE!!! Choosing the right outfit – not too formal and not too flashy and certainly no short skirts and heaving cleavages for the ladies. Absolutely no scruffy …

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Impress your Date

IMPRESS YOUR DATE…and you have just 12 short minutes to make that first impression a favourable one! Recent research, carried out by AXA, concludes that we are judged on smile, eye contact and tone of voice. Body odour has been found to be the most off putting element when meeting someone for the first time …

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All-Important First Date

Confident but Not Too Confident: Tips for the All-Important First Date

You probably don’t have to be told that a first date is critical. Not to contribute to the pressure, but all evening your companion will be sizing you up, weighing whether or not you’re right for an exclusive relationship. To make the most of this unnerving situation, keep the following advice in mind. If you do, you should utterly succeed.

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