Fun In The Sun – The Ultimate Summer Date

When you’re getting to know someone, good weather can make all the difference; it opens up a wealth of possibilities for fun dates beneath the summer sun. That’s why the summertime is a great option for anyone embarking on a new relationship.

If you’re stuck for ideas, take inspiration from the following list of exciting options – and follow our tips on how to ensure your date runs smoothly…

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Researching Your Date: Should You Keep the Mystery?

The ever-increasing uptake of social media is fantastic for keeping in contact with friends, making plans and even meeting new people. It also provides an opportunity to find out information about a person before meeting them in person. But when it comes to dating is this really a good idea?

On the plus side you can discover what their interests are and plan ahead, but does this take all of the mystery and excitement away from the experience of actually going on a first date?

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5 Most Impressive First Dates

A first date could be the start of something special, so it’s great if you can make it a memorable experience.

There’s no doubt about it, first dates can be slightly awkward – even if you already know the person in a social sense. Turning your relationship dial up to the romance setting can leave your mouth dry, your forehead sweaty and your brain undeniably empty. It can also lead to difficult questions such as ‘what do I do with my hands?’

That’s why it’s useful to plan an activity for your first date. The best first dates allow you to get to know each other while providing something interesting to talk about when the conversation starts to dwindle. Need inspiration? Here are some of the most impressive first dates – some plucked from real life, others drawn from imagination.

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Online Dating Sites Investigated

An investigation, led by the Channel Four team, has revealed the hidden tactics used by online dating sites, duping its victims into parting with their hard earned cash in the belief that they will meet their ‘soul mate’

The truth is that these online dating sites have been stringing along the unsuspecting public for the last two decades in a bid to make millions… and they have succeeded! 

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The Truth about Online Dating

Members of Select Personal Introductions who have tried online dating in the past often say that they regularly came across 30 year old women getting hit on by 50 year old men and younger men are often hit on by older women – very many profiles received or sent lead to nothing. Gents date visually so photos are a MUST and they often refer to the women using these sites as ‘up for it’. Despite how online sites try to market themselves, they are what they are – impersonal and an easy way to serial date. 

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