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Professional Dating – Is It A Better Choice?

Professional Dating – Is It A Better Choice? Professional dating sites are one amongst the various types of dating agencies found online and offline. Whilst there are many types of agencies from matchmaker companies to introduction agencies, the professional dating services are aimed at professionals looking to find their other half in another single professional. …

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What Does a Matchmaker Do?

What Does a Matchmaker Do? A traditional matchmaker does many things in order to ensure that their clients are given the best matches. From screening clients to interviewing them and then, of course, introducing them a matchmaker oversees the progress personally and is employed as much for their good judgement as their valuable time. Introduction …

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Finding The Right Dating Sites For You

Finding The Right Dating Sites For You With the rise and rise of online dating, the number of dating sites now available to help you find what you are looking for has never been higher. However, this can mean that the choice is overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve come up with four questions you can ask yourself …

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Love & New Year’s resolutions

With New Year’s resolutions still fresh on the minds of many Brits, one that often tops the list is LOVE – or at the very least securing a few POSITIVE DATES.

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In the world of dating, the New Year marks the dating industry’s high-season, with a sudden spike in membership numbers.

Over 60% of singles say their resolution is related to love. During the holiday season, people tend to reflect on the past year and are inclined to re-evaluate their love strategies so as to avoid re-living relationship mistakes and disappointing meaningless dates. Select Personal Introductions (an offline exclusive agency for professionals), increases its marketing over this period making it the number one hot spot for new members.

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